Afternoon Heat

I took this picture of Zip and Fate yesterday.  Zip didn’t show up on the porch today.  He only came out to follow Jon back to the house after he took a few pictures of his flowers.

The sheep  spent the day in the barn, the hens under the lilacs,  but I caught Fanny sleeping in the sun.   The donkeys are the only ones on the farm who are unfazed by the heat.

Bud and Zinnia aren’t any better with the heat than Jon is.  The three of them spent a good part of the day in Jon’s office with the air conditioner on.  That is, when Jon wasn’t taking pictures of his flowers and at the Food Pantry.

The thermometer on the kitchen window read 96 degrees and that’s in the shade.  I know that’s not high for many parts of the country and lots of people have it much worse.   It’s unusual for us, I guess like the heavy snowstorms in the South.

Fate came with me to check on the animals this afternoon.  There was no running around the sheep today as much as she wanted to.  When the sun goes down I’ll take her with me when I water the gardens and open the gates for grazing.

My ear is still being medicated and I have to keep it dry, otherwise I’d have gone for a swim in the Battenkill to cool off.  Instead I’m spending time indoors  getting my work done earlier than usual. The heat has me moving slowly.

As I write this I imagine there will be time when this kind of heat won’t be something new to write about.

I hope I’m wrong about that.

The animals in the barn this afternoon.  Fanny at the mineral block and Lulu at the salt lick

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