Making “At The Pond” Potholders


I used a mix of fabric as usual. Old placemats to frame the birds, as well as two very different flower prints along with other scraps

It feels like a long time since I’ve spent a whole day in my studio.  And it’s been a couple of weeks since I made potholders.

It was  joy to be back piecing bits fabric together to create something whole. It’s always healing as well as satisfying and fulfilling.

I had the pink bird fabric out from my clean-up yesterday.  But this morning, when I was meditating, I saw that red dragonfly fabric in my mind.  A thick strip of it under the birds.

And when I got to my studio and sewed the first Potholder together,  I saw that it looked as busy and peaceful as the pond in the back pasture.   That’s what they remind me of, squatting by the pond and watching the birds and insects, the frogs and salamanders.

But there are no frogs or salamanders in the Potholders, so it seems they are about the beings who fly.

one of my At The Pond Potholders

And that little strip of gray fabric has words on it like, nature, flowers and blossom.  I chose it for the color, but the words fit right in.

I designed 12 potholders and have two more to go to use up all the bird fabric.

6 thoughts on “Making “At The Pond” Potholders

  1. Oooh, Maria – may I place dibs on the one on the right in the 2nd row, please? (Gray stripe in center). And possibly a second one once you’ve composed the last two creations…

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