The Pinkster Blossom On Juneteenth

The Pinkster blossom at the top of the bush

I stood in my studio doorway watching the rain come down.  Cooling things off just a bit.   That’s when I saw the pink flower at the top of the Pinkster Bush.

The bush bloomed just after the lilacs and it the sweet smelling pink flowers were long gone. Or so I thought.

My first thought was that it bloomed for Juneteenth.  This holiday which is well known to some, mostly Black Americans, but newer to me.

Pinkster is a holiday too.

It was that was celebrated in  by enslaved Africans who lived in New York.  It fell on the Pentecost, a Christian Holiday,  when the Pinkster Bush bloomed.   It was the one day when enslaved people in New York, could visit with their families.  There would be singing and dancing and drumming.  Gingerbread was a part of the holiday.  It was outlawed in 1811, but today it’s celebrated again in Albany, NY.

So what a coincidence, or perhaps a little miracle,  that the Pinkster is blooming on the day that so many African Americans traditionally celebrate their freedom from slavery in the Untied States.

Its certainly a reminder for me to consider and pay attention to this holiday even more.

6 thoughts on “The Pinkster Blossom On Juneteenth

  1. I have read that Juneteenth commenerates the day in 1865 when Texas finally declared that all slaves were freed. I had not heard that it was a date celebrated in NY prior to that.
    There’s so much history that is “missing” or overlooked.
    The connection to the flower is beautiful

    1. The day called Pinkster in NY isn’t the same holiday LoisJean. It’s a celebration that took place in NY state that allowed enslaved people to visit their families once a year. I took place on the Pentecost which was at the same time the Pinkster Bushes bloomed. That’s how it got it’s name. I read that people used to pick bouquets of azalea, for the celebration also. The coincidence was that my Pinkster Bush had one blossom on Juneteenth. It was in full bloom a month ago so it’s unusual for it to have one blossom now.
      But you are so right about so much history being lost.

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