A “Bedlam Back Porch” Quilt For Susan

sketches for Susan’s quilt

It was last year that Susan wrote to me and asked if I could make her a quilt to replace the one she had lost when she moved.

I’ve known Susan a long time and in 2014 she asked me to make her a Peaceable Bedlam Quilt.  She sent fabric and clothes that had meaning for her, and I drew four panels depicting the animals on the farm.

I told Susan I’d make her another quilt but each time I though of doing it, I couldn’t get started.  Part of the problem was that  I was thinking of replicating the images from the old quilt.   But many of the animals in those images are no longer alive.

So I thought about making a quilt with the animals we have now.  But  even my style has changed and at the time Zip was still new to the farm and it was anything but Peaceable.  He had everyone running or running after him.

So I wrote to Susan and told I couldn’t make the quilt.  I just didn’t feel it.

And when she wrote back and asked if I would  make a quilt that spoke to me, with images I was working with now, like my ravens and trees.

That I could do.

Since then I’ve been thinking of images from the farm I could use.  And I’ve been avoiding getting started because I dreaded doing it on my old Viking Sewing machine.

But when I bought my new Singer, I knew right away that I would doing a drawing of the Back Porch.   I’ve been thinking about  to do a drawing of the back porch for a while and this was perfect opportunity.

Because I also know it is something that will speak to Susan.

My Peaceable Bedlam Quilt had four panels with drawings on them.   My new quilt will have one, a bit more elaborate.   Susan once again sent me some fabric that is important to her, and I’ll supply the rest.

This morning I did a bunch of sketches of the back porch with Zip resting on the wicker bench.  ( I moved the bench onto the porch last weekend and both Jon and have been sitting there with each other, alone or with Zip).

Getting Zips attitude was important and I think I did by stretching him out and making him fill half he bench.   I drew the bench and chair and placement of the pieces on the porch over and over again,  until I was familiar enough with them to be able to draw them easily.

This way I’ll be able to draw them freehand using my sewing machine with a minimum of mistakes.  And they’ll still have a fresh but confident feeling.

I had a dentist appointment this afternoon which broke up my day, but after doing all the drawing I was creatively spent anyway.

So I’ll start sewing tomorrow. It’s going to be fun.

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