“Bedlam Back Porch” Free Motion Drawing

Yes, I’m nervous about starting.  I take my time.

I begin slowly and know I can always start over if I make mistakes. I can even piece things together, it might be a good look for the drawing.

Two things I learned working in they frame shop.  How to draw and cut a straight line and that I have to make room for mistakes. Because I will make mistakes. I have to be willing to start over and “waste” materials.

That’s what I was thinking as I worked on my Bedlam Back Porch drawing for Susan’s quilt.  But by the time I stitched Zip and the bench I stopped thinking and  was simply focused and enjoying myself.

I decided to add the hens into the picture.  Two fit nicely.  And I got as far as the table before wearing out.  I’m a bit out of practice.

I’m glad I stopped when I did, it was looking good and I didn’t want to mess up what I’d already done. It’s easy for me to overwork a piece.  I need to trust when it’s time to leave it alone.  I did make some mistakes, but only small ones that I easily removed with my seam ripper.

I’m looking forward to getting back to it.

6 thoughts on ““Bedlam Back Porch” Free Motion Drawing

  1. I think I can feel your excitement as you begin and trusting the drawing as it unfolds. The hens are a perfect addition. Can’t wait to see the quilt come to life!

  2. I think your drawings are extraordinary!
    Thoughts that come to mind:
    – whimsical
    – cheerful
    – capturing a scene in only a few lines
    – well-designed (object in space are placed in a pleasing way)
    – convey personality (of the animals, when present)
    Similar scenes to this one would be great combined in some potholders, after Susan gets her quilt.
    I’m really interested to see how that turns out.

    1. Thanks Sue, Nice analysis. I’m thinking of doing some small wall hangings. I’ve done potholders with smaller subjects on them in the past (Minnie and hens etc) But a more involved drawing is too much for a potholder and may make a nice small wall hanging.

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