Making Cucumber Soup

My Cucumber soup

I keep saying I don’t like to cook, and yet more and more I find myself cooking.   Jon keeps telling me I’m good at it, but if someone were cooking for me, I’d say the same to them.

I do like making soup, chopping and throwing it all in a big pot and letting it stew.  But with the heat hot soup isn’t something either Jon or I were craving.

Maybe it was skirting my wool that made me think of making cucumber soup.  When ever we dropped the wool off  at The Vermont Fiber Mill in Brandon Vermont we’d go to Cafe Provence, the chef owned French restaurant for lunch.

That’s where I first had cucumber soup.

One the reason’s I started cooking more is that I get cravings for food that I can’t buy where we live.  Like Cucumber Soup, so I make it if I can.

Yesterday I looked online and found a simple Cucumber Soup recipe on Love and Lemons with ingredients that sounded yummy, were easy to get or that I already had.

I made a few adjustments.

I used regular cucumbers instead of Persian Cucumbers, (twice  as much since I read that Persian Cucumbers are small) and replaced the garlic with garlic scapes that I had from my garden.  The basil also came from my garden,  my dill isn’t tall enough to pick yet, but hopefully it will be soon.  I also used regular yogurt because it’s what I had.

I sliced the cucumbers and threw all the ingredients in the blender.  Then it just had to chill for a few hours.

Jon and I had it today with a little mint garnish from the garden.  And it was as delicious as I remember it being at Cafe Provence.

Delicious, easy to make and healthy. I have never had luck growing cucumbers in my garden, but there are plenty available at the farm stands around us. So….I have a feeling we’re going to be eating a lot of Cucumber soup this summer.


4 thoughts on “Making Cucumber Soup

  1. Love and Lemons is one of my favorite food blogs. And, this soup looks yummy! I’m going to give it a try.

  2. I agree, anything from Love and Lemons is always good. I’m so glad you shared this recipe. I made this soup a couple of summers ago for our girls weekend at Lake Lauderdale. Everyone loved it, so cool and refreshing. Summer passed and I forgot about the recipe. A few weeks ago, my girlfriend asked me for “that great cucumber soup recipe you made up at the lake”. I’ve searched my recipe printouts and looked online with no luck. But as soon as I saw the link to Love and Lemons, I knew it was THE recipe. Off now to get some cucumbers!

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