Skirting The Last of My Wool


Issachar’s wool, Fate and Merricat

I saved the twins wool for last for a reason.  Their fleeces are really big and really difficult to skirt.  I had a lot of waste because parts of it were laced with tiny bits of hay.

Every time I skirt their wool I consider putting jackets on them for the winter to keep the hay out, but I really don’t like the idea of making them wear jackets six months out of the year.   I wouldn’t like looking at them in jackets and it wouldn’t make for good pictures or videos either.

I have ten bags of wool because I had Merricat, Robin and Constance shorn in the fall and spring.

This is my plan for the wool :

I’ll make half of Merricat’s white wool into yarn and barber pole half with Constance’s gray wool.  That will leave half of Constances for gray yarn.

I’ll make Issachar’s wool into rug yarn and Robins wool into regular yarn.   Or the other way around, I’m still undecided.

And I’ll make Asher, Kim and Lori’s wool into roving to sell and making into dryer balls.

My yarn will be very different since the new mill doesn’t dye wool. But I like the new option of the rug yarn and doing a Barber Pole, (which is twisting the two together) adds some  variety.

I still have a small bag of wool from Socks that cut off her when she died.  But I’m thinking of doing something with that by hand.  I’m not sure what yet.

I’m also going to look into turning the waste wool into wool pellets.

They can be used for fertilizer and mulch in the garden.  I’d have to be able to sell it if I did.  I’d never be able to use it all in my own gardens, but I’m not sure how that would work, if it is something that makes sense to ship.  It’s possible I can see it locally from the farm too.

I do hate all that wool going in the garbage.  I have put it on my own gardens as is, but I still have lots left over.

Zip showed up while I was skirting Asher’s wool.  He was flirting with Fate, who had her usual reaction to him.   But later they sat together for a while.

That’s Lulu behind the fence

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