Art Class At The Mansion, Different Way’s To Color.

Susan and her drawing

It’s only in the past few months that Susan will sit in on my art class at The Mansion.  Before that she said she wasn’t an artist and couldn’t draw.  That she didn’t like to make things. She also told Jon that she didn’t like to meditate in his class.

But now she’s doing both and every class she gets more and more comfortable drawing.

Almost everyone in the class likes to color.  So I told them that we were going to expand on coloring.  We were going to make the drawing we’d color in and we’d find other ways to fill in the shapes than just a solid block of color, such as dots and lines.

Since the Summer Solstice was just last week,  we started our drawing with the idea of making a sun.  But not a typical sun, one that was made from lots of different shapes and colors.

We also talked about hot colors and cool colors.   Then everyone got to work.

Sun by Jennifer

Jennifer didn’t need any encouragement.  She’s a terrific artist and works quickly.

Suns by Mary

Mary was new to the class.  We all agreed her suns looked like the were floating though space, like seeds or dust under a microscope.

Stanley’s Sun

Stanley is also an artist and Art Teacher.  She paints Toleware.  I asked her how I was doing as a teacher and she told me I was doing a good job.  I appreciated that.

Betty’s Sun

Betty created a design making circles in circles.  Her drawing has the feeling of  a whole universe and the motion of rotating planets.

Claudia working on her sun

Claudia often has a slow start, but with just the smallest encouragement she quickly gets focused and involved in her art. Her drawing looks like a language to me.

Susan’s Sun all finished

A few of the people left their drawings to finish coloring after lunch.  Susan was so into finishing hers, she was late to lunch.

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