The Baby Barn Swallow

The barn swallows in the nest.

I was mucking out the barn, raking up the manure when I saw something in the pile move.  I got a closer look and saw the baby bird.  It’s little gray body with tiny hairs was well camouflaged in the drying donkey manure.

I picked it up, it fit in the palm of my hand. I could see it was breathing, its bulging sides expanding and contracting.  The ladder was just on the other side of the barn doorway.  I pulled it out and opened it up and climbed up.  I gently put the baby bird back in the nest.

That thing about not touching a baby bird because the parents will reject it isn’t true.  Not from what I’ve read and seen.  It seems at least once a year I find a baby bird on the ground in the pole barn and put it back in the nest.

So far I haven’t found them under the nest again, rejected by the other birds.

I know that most baby birds don’t have a high survival rate in the first year. But that doesn’t stop me from trying to save one if I can.

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