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The dragonfly stood on the fence post as if waiting for me to take her picture.  I took many, but this was the best. You can even see the small hairs on her legs.

Robin and Asher

I started looking into having my waste wool made into pellets to be used for fertilizer and mulch.

There is an established mill in Utah that looked promising and one just starting up this August in New York.  There’s lots of information on how good the pellets are for gardens and the earth in general.    The most obvious reason being that throwing wool in the garbage contributes to Global Warming.

I’ll keep writing about wool pellets as I find out more information.  I think it will be an interesting journey. I’m excited about it.

A spiders web in the manure pile

On these mornings wet from last night’s rain the spider webs glisten.  This Funnel Spider  made her web on the manure pile.   They get their name from their webs which have a funnel shape where the spider hides waiting for someone to stuck.

I thought the mushroom growing on over the “doorway” a nice touch.

4 thoughts on “News From The Barnyard

  1. The mushroom is like a decoration of her front door. It’s almost a surreal, but yet very beautiful. Looking forward to hear more about the wool pellets project.

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