Bedlam Back Porch Quilt

I finished designing my Bedlam Back Porch Quilt today.  I was so into it I didn’t take any picture of the process.

The fabric that I didn’t use on the front that Susan sent, I’ll use on the back.  While making the quilt I realized I was working with the idea of the earth and sky.

It is divided like the garden and porch itself  in my back porch drawing.   Grounded in the earth.

The morning glory fabric is from the 1940s and since I always grow morning glories on the farm, it  worked in more ways than one.

When I looked at the quilt after making it, I thought of the photo of the barn swallow on the window that I took a few weeks ago.  I have no doubt that it was an influence.

I will work on my my By the Pond Potholders that I started last week, and work on the backing and batting for Susan’s quilt  on Monday.

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