“By The Pond” Potholders For Sale. Also A Sale On My Magnets and Posters

My By The Pond Potholders are for sale in my Etsy Shop. Just click here.

I squat by the pond looking, usually for frogs or salamanders or fish.  But it’s when I’m looking for something else that I’m always surprised by something I didn’t expect.

A spider walking on the water, a goldfinch flitting its yellow like a streak of sunlight through a shadow, or the frog that has been crouching beside me all along.

That’s what I was thinking of, the joy I feel when squatting by the pond “discovering” its many delights.

I have nine By The Pond Potholders available.  They are $25 each + $5 shipping for one more more.

You can see them all and buy them in my Etsy Shop, just click here.

I’m also having a sale on all my magnets and Art Posters for the next four days.

All my Magnets are on Sale for $5 each including shipping

My magnets are all $5 and my Art Posters which are 11″x17″ and signed,  are all $15.  Shipping is free for both.

You can see all my Magnets and Art Posters and buy them here.

All my  Signed Art Posters are on Sale for $15 including shipping.

2 thoughts on ““By The Pond” Potholders For Sale. Also A Sale On My Magnets and Posters

  1. I need to keep you in mind when I’m out and about. Your ability to tap into and explore the wonder around you is extra ordinary. The slow down and look is something I need to be conscious about retraining myself to do. Maybe it is refocusing?

    1. I think refocusing is a good way of putting KJ. For me, It’s about seeing what is in front of me and not being “in my head”. Also I always find the more I look, the more I see. Even in one small space. The natural world is always changing, even if it’s a spider in the corner of my living room.

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