The Stories In “Heaven’s Waters”

Dip your hands in heaven’s waters
God’s imagination
Dip your hands in heaven’s waters
All of life’s abundance
in a drop of condensation
”  Paul Simon

The animals are always leaving trails even if I can’t always see them.

Yesterday I watched as Zinnia pounced at a small animal too quick for me to see.  I followed her nose as it led to an all but invisible path, not more that the width of a mouses belly through the grass and under the fence.

It’s a road I thought, like Route 22, which passes in front of the farm and runs from just north of New York City all the way to Canada.

The animals have their trails like we have our roads.  Only ours are more obtrusive and destructive and predictable.

My path through the woods behind the farm is a deer trail.   As trees fall I either step over, go under  or go around them, constantly altering them.

The deer do the same, I see their hoof prints.

Route 22 intersects a deer trail just south of the farm.  I know because many deer (and at least one bear) are hit by cars.  Enough so that I know the sound of the loud thud, even from inside the house.

This morning I saw the sheep and donkey trails through the dew. Much like the trails they make in the snow, although those are more singular.

Their trail in the dew is like a branching tree.  The thick trunk passing through the gate and turning into a river, flowing between the stands of wildflowers.

Route 22, the longest north-south road in NY State was probably once a deer trail.  It was certainly a Native American trail “improved” into the paved road I drive on every time I leave the farm.

When the dew dries, the trails of the sheep and donkeys disappear with it. And so goes the evidence of their story for the morning.

Only to be written again the next day.

5 thoughts on “The Stories In “Heaven’s Waters”

  1. Your photos and descriptions are beautiful. It occurred to me looking at the trails in the grass, and hearing your words in my mind as I read them, that your musings on nature and animals could be printed as a delightful short collection in book form. Musings of an artist.
    I think it would be very popular with all your followers and beyond.

    1. Thank you LoisJean. Making a book is a lot of work and expense. But I can do it all so easily on my blog. And it’s easy for people to access that way to. :)

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