The Benefits Of Using Wool Pellets In The Garden


Robin, Merricat, Asher, Kim, Lori and Constance grazing the back pasture.    (that’s Zinnia to the left of Robin)

I’ve been looking into how wool pellets work in the garden and this is what I found….

***Wool has nitrogen, small amounts of potassium, and little or no phosphorous in it.

Nitrogen is “important for plant growth (structure), plant food processing (metabolism) and the creation of chlorophyll    Most fertilizers have both Nitrogen and Phosphorus in them.  The Nitrogen is quickly released and used up. Phosphorous, is harmful to the environment when it leaches into streams and rivers depleting them of oxygen that the plants and animals who live in the water need.

***Wool pellets take about six months to biodegrade so the nitrogen slowly and consistently works its way into the soil which continues to help the plants as they grow.

***Wool Pellets retain water, so they help keep gardens moist which means less watering.

***Wool Pellets aerate the soil by creating pockets as they break down making the soil more porous.

***Using wool pellets as a mulch will keep slugs off your plants.  The wool has small barbs in it which slugs don’t like.

***Wool Pellets are 100% sheep wool.  Nothing is added to them in the process of converting the wool into pellets.  So if I send 10 pounds of wool to be made into pellets, I’ll get about 10 pounds of pellets back.   They are natural and by making the waste wool into pellets that can be used in gardens, it is staying out of the landfill and not contributing to global warming.

Today I’m going to weigh my waste wool and figure out how much it will cost to mail it to Otter Lake Farm for processing into wool pellets.

I would need a license to sell the pellets as fertilizer, but I can sell them as mulch without a license. or I can have Otter Lake Farm package my wool and sell it under their name since they are licensed to sell fertilizer.


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