Backing My “Bedlam Farm Back Porch” Quilt

The back of Bedlam Back Porch

After mailing out the all the By The Pond Potholders, magnets and posters this morning (thank you everyone who bought them)  I had lunch with my friend Mandy.  We hadn’t seen each other in over a month so had lots to catch up on.

After that,  I was in my studio working on the back of my Bedlam Back Porch quilt.

I took some pictures along the way…

I lay the top of the quilt front side down on top of the back of the quilt then trim the edges to match.

Next I lay the batting on top and trim that to size.  As I’m trimming, I’m also pinning the three layers of fabric together.

Then I sew them all together.

I do, of course, leave an opening on the bottom so I can turn the whole quilt right side out.

Now Bedlam Back Porch is hanging in my studio waiting to be tacked.

I’ve decided to use some Bedlam Farm wool which is just the right color. It’s a skein of yarn that Bud somehow got a hold of a few years ago. It wasn’t damaged, just a bit of a mess so I couldn’t sell it.  But it’s great for tacking my quilts.   And is perfect with the theme of the quilt.

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