Bedlam Back Porch Quilt…All Done

Bedlam Back Porch quilt

I finished tacking Susan’s Bedlam Back Porch Quilt today.  I signed the bottom corner using my new sewing machine.  I like that Susan’s quilt was one of the first pieces I made using my new machine.  I think because the quilt I made her in 2014, the one she lost in a move, was something special for me to have made at the time.

I feel like this is a new creative beginning for me.  One that is influenced by the past without looking back.

Making this quilt  gave me the idea to make some smaller stitched drawings. Like the Back Porch drawing I made for it.

Tacking Bedlam Back Porch

I’ll send off Susan’s quilt tomorrow and soon it will be in the home I made it for.

The back of Bedlam Back Porch

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