The Baby Barn Swallows In The Pole Barn

I check on them every morning and afternoon.  There are four baby barn swallows in the nest in the pole barn.

And every day they change a bit.

The fine hairs have grown into feathers that cover their gray skin. Their eyes have been open for days.  And their orange breasts are more and more visible as they stretch further out of the nest.

The lines of their beaks and eyes make them look mean or angry.  But they soften with a side view.   Now their eyes innocently round, and their mouths a subtle smile instead of a grimace.

This photo is from two days ago.  You can see how much they have changed.

But I do love those mean faces.  They’re like gargoyles trying to scare me away.  And perhaps it works with predators.   They can look fierce, those little birds,  with their pointy beaks, sharp eyes and wings up around their ears.


2 thoughts on “The Baby Barn Swallows In The Pole Barn

  1. Seeing your photo of the nest, I think swallows were the couple that built a nest in my porch wreath last summer. (A friend had made the wreath out of all natural materials). The nest was securely tucked inside one side of the wreath, surrounded by ribbon and flowers. The mother would fly away every time I opened my front door but would quickly return once I got back inside and closed the door again. It was wonderful to see the four little babies grow and eventually fly away. I felt very privileged to have this family inside the wreath next to the porch light. Thanks for this photo of the barn swallows.

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