Waiting… A Long Day

Making this drawing was the fun part.  I did draw over my Worm Farm notes. After all they were in my Waiting sketch book.  The fun part was letting them play a part in the drawing.  I left in the words that made sense (kind of) with my Waiting.

Once again I was at the Albany ENT getting my ear treated.  I’m grateful they have been able to help me and hoping that I can continue any needed treatment at the Saratoga ENT which is  closer to home and a much easier drive.

I’ll be back in Albany in another two weeks for sure, but after that, well, I’ll hopeful it will be the last time.

They are so booked up I have to take the appointment they give me and so far they have always landed on Wednesday, or Bellydancing day.

I was able to get Susan’s quilt in the mail before leaving this morning, but by the time I got home it was time to feed the animals.  That’s when we saw that Fanny was limping again.  She was doing so well this morning we told our farrier he didn’t need to come.

I’m not sure what happened, why she was limping so bad after doing so well this morning.  But I felt pretty good when I was able to scrape her hoof and pop the abscess myself.  I put some antibiotics on it and wrapped the hoof.  Jon has lots more experience this kind of thing, and feels confident that she’ll start getting better now.

So it was a full day already and now I’m off to Bellydancing. I thought about not going, I’m a bit tired   but just thinking about dancing brings up some of that energy that got zapped from the long day.

Fanny and Lulu grazing a few days ago


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