News From The Barnyard

Constance, Kim and Robin

The sheep were reluctant to come out of the pole barn this morning.  It was already hot and buggy.  When I called them out to graze, Constance, Kim and Robin stuck their heads out of the barn.

Constance was trying to tell me something, or ask me something, but I don’t know what she was saying.

First Asher and Issachar went out to graze then the others followed.

Fanny and Lulu hung back, no doubt expecting hay.  I’ve fed them hay the past two days since Fanny had an abscess and I didn’t want her to have to walk to the pasture.

But last night when I closed up the gates both she and Lulu were grazing.  So no hay today, Fanny is still a bit tentative on her foot, but she’s walking fine.

And the barn swallows may have been gone this morning, or a few of them anyway,  I did see two of them in the nest after taking this video.

They were all back this afternoon.

The Barn Swallows this afternoon

5 thoughts on “News From The Barnyard

  1. The swallows are pretty cute.

    Not familiar with them at all.

    Grateful Zip is not harming them.

  2. Maria I love your portrait of Constance, Kim and Robin peeking around the corner – each expression unique! You captured their individuality on this hot morning.

    Happy to see beautiful swallows back in the nest.

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