Old Tree, New Life At Home

Old Tree, New life

Linda hung Old Tree New Life in her crafting room (right on the cabinet where she keeps her supplies) where she said she can see it all the time.  I love the idea it being  a part of her creative space.

“I’m really loving just sitting and staring at it.”  She wrote me,  “I keep seeing new things in it.  Also I love the fabric you used for backing – so soft.  I almost wanted to wrap it around myself.  I am so happy to be part of the story of “Old Tree New Life.”

Linda is so right when she says she is a part of the story of Old Tree, New Life.  That’s how it works.  The story doesn’t end until whatever I’m working on finds its home.

And as so often happens it’s as if I make a piece with someone in mind, even though I don’t know it at the time.

Those wooden quilt hooks she used to hang it work really well from what Linda and others have told me.  They’re easy to use and attach the wall with those 3M Command strips, the same kind of double stick pads I sent out with my Meditations Trees.   So no nails or screws hammers or drills and it’s easier to level.

I’m mentioning this because it might be helpful to some of you to know there are these new ways of hanging your own fabric art that makes hanging art easier.

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