Stories From Bedlam Farm, Back Porch Potholders

Back Porch Potholders

I made a few more drawings for my Back Porch Potholders.  I may have some more in me, or I may move on to another  subject.  Not that I know what it is yet.  I like how these created an space, a place to go into.

A few of these are already sold.  I’ll be finishing them up next week then will sell the rest in my Etsy Shop on Friday.

Barn Swallow Potholder

To try something different, I made a Barn Swallow Potholder.  I worked on getting this image right for a while yesterday.

The baby barn swallows don’t look like this anymore.  Now they’re flying.  But I did the original drawing for this only  four or five days ago when they were little spiky heads sticking up from the nest.  They grow quickly.

This was my first try at the Back Porch drawings.  I obviously went in a different direction after making it.  As I explained in the video yesterday, I wanted the drawings to have more of a sense of ease and spontaneity.

But as often happens, just because it wasn’t what I chose to do, someone else saw something in this drawing that spoke to them.  It is sold.

4 thoughts on “Stories From Bedlam Farm, Back Porch Potholders

  1. Oh these are lovely. I’ve always enjoyed your free hand drawings. And the back porch… well what a wonderful subject I’ve come to love from your photography. It always looks like a place I want to read a book, have a cup of tea and flower watch. Your drawings capture the vibe perfectly!

    1. Oh I’m so glad that comes across Lois. Now that I put the wicker bench on the porch I spend more time there. There is a wonderful view of the Green Mountains and sky through the trees.

  2. I love that small bit of color in the Hope potholder. And in the hanging basket.
    Maria, I’ve been wondering about the different things on your hand and wrist in the videos. Are you okay? I hope so.

    1. Thanks Sandy. It’s just support for my wrist, a bit of arthritis. I try to take care of it so I can keep doing what I love to do. :)

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