Bud and the Big Tree

Bud is so small and the tree is so big.  But size means little to him.  He can’t climb the tree, but he can and does wait beside it.  Waiting for the squirrel or chipmunk,  bird or  mouse to come down so he can chase it.

I wonder if his instinct, his urge to hunt is like my need to make art.  Would he suffer if he were denied it as I have when deprived of creating?

Bud has great patience and drive. When I call him and he doesn’t come, I always know where to find him.  “I know” I say, when he looks at me as he waits by the tree.  “I get it.”

And sometimes, I just walk away and leave him to it.

4 thoughts on “Bud and the Big Tree

  1. That is a great gift to both of you! And because you understand Bud it saves both you and Bud mountains of frustration. Our dog Escher does the same thing accept he stares into the barn, focused on whatever he seems to think will come out. Some people think Escher is being defiant but he is just being the dog that he’s meant to be.

      1. I agree! He is a master at keeping the ditch rats at bay! He can be seen with a tail hanging out of his mouth when his patience pays off and the rat blinks. He is a crazy bundle of energy but when he zeros in on a rodent his patience is amazing. There are times I could use that kind of focus and patience

      2. I bet he’s proud when he gets one too Josie. The hunters patience, it pays off. But comes from necessity too. :)

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