Making More “Back Porch” Potholders



Back Porch Potholders with watering can

I made  more Back Porch Potholders today.  I was just enjoying creating them too much to stop.  Also most of the ones I made last week are already sold.  I wanted to make sure I had some for my Etsy Shop.

This one is already sold

I added the watering can to two of them and I made a couple of  Barn Swallows too.


Barn Swallows Potholders

I still have to makes these and the Potholders I made last week into Potholders.  But today I started to think about some of the wonderful Vintage hand embroidered linens I have and how I could make them into a quilt.

This is how one idea leads to another.  Even if I can’t quite explain  how it happens, I know the spark for the quilt came from the work I’ve done on these potholders the past few days.

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