“School House Studio”, A New Bedlam Farm Story Potholder

School House Studio Potholder

It’s my new garden and the Morning Glory vines growing on my Studio that inspired me to make a School House Studio Potholder.  And since it’s one of the places that the hens love to hang out, they were naturally included in it.

Also, this time of year, Ed Gulley’s  Phases of the Moon sculpture is hanging where the bird feeder does in the winter.  I loved including it in the drawing.

My new garden, morning glory vines and Ed’s sculpture on my studio.  The hens weren’t around when I took this.

I made two  versions of this Bedlam Farm Story today.  I also made another “Books” potholder.  That’s a Back Porch Potholder with the”Books” sign in it.

Joann asked for one because she remembers Jon’s story of when he hung the sign on the porch at Old Bedlam Farm.  He said no one ever came by looking books, but when he hung an old hand painted sign that said “Worms” so many people stopped to buy worms he had to take the sign down.

Joann will get to choose one of these two potholders.  I will sell the other one in my  Etsy Shop next week.


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