Believing In The Blooming Iris

I can’t remember ever seeing a Blue Flag Iris growing in the pasture this time of year.  But that seems to be happening lately.  Flowers blooming out of time.

The heat feels more oppressive today than all the days before.  It’s sunny, then the clouds cover the sky muting the landscape, then the sun is back again.

I rolled up the shades on the front porch and put the plants against the porch wall.  I opened the gates to all the pastures and pulled the generator out of the barn.  It’s plugged in and I went over the directions to remind myself how to start it.

There are high wind and thunder storm warnings, but there’s also a tornado watch in our area and the  areas surrounding us.

It’s unlikely, but possible, so I put some things in the basement too.  A couple of lawn chairs, water a sweatshirt, (it’s a stone foundation and dirt floor and cold even in this heat) and a 24 hour solar powered light.

I was concerned enough to stay home from Bellydancing, which little keeps me from missing.    It’s hard to know what the best thing to do is.  There are so many warnings that are too easy to come by.   Jon’s worried about me driving and I’m worried about him being home alone in a bad storm without electricity or worse.

It’s hard not to believe that the storms that are plaguing so many parts of the country including our neighboring Vermont, won’t come here too.

So far we’ve been very lucky.

Hopefully I did all these  preparations for nothing.  I think I’ll take the blooming Iris as a good omen.  Why not,  I get to choose what I believe, I might as well believe in something good.

6 thoughts on “Believing In The Blooming Iris

  1. Yes, we get to choose what to believe, and that’s such a good reminder. And I can choose what thoughts to entertain. I admire your ability to prepare for taking
    care of yourself and Jon in whatever ways you can.

    1. It’s so true about our thoughts too LoisJean. That’s something I’ve recently come to myself. It’s not always easy to change them, but it can be done with work, as I am finding.

  2. “Might as well choose to believe in something good” – great words to live by. I choose to believe the same. May you all have a safe night and a peaceful tomorrow.

  3. I’m glad you “tornadoed proofed” even though it didn’t happen.
    I go back and forth between leaving out “sacrificial items” like tools when rain threatens or “rain proof” by covering. Haha!! Works both ways it seems. The “Gods” don’t always respond to sacrifices, but losing items to rain and wind can be a problem.
    I live where there is usually not much rain, but the dilemma poses itself often enough.
    Your getting your generator ready is paramount in my view. I could use one but only very rarely.
    Anyway, I thought you might like my musings.

    1. I love the idea of a sacrificial item Terri. I can definitely see doing that. I’m getting better at handling the generator. I more I pull it out the more I remember exactly how it works. It’s good practice. :)

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