Corona Housewife Magnets For Sale Here

Corona Housewife Magnet for sale right here.

Today as I mailed out three more Corona Housewife Magnets, I put two more in the mail for the women who inspired me to make them.

I sent one to my friend Emily and one to Mandy.  They each had different circumstances, but both women struggled with this phenomenon that so many other women have during the coronavirus lockdown.

(You can read more about it here)

As you may know by now, my Corona Housewife Magnet was removed from my Etsy Shop by Etsy claiming they were not selling anything that had to do with the Corornavirus.  I had several email exchanges with the powers that be at Etsy and got nowhere.

So I’m selling my Corona Housewife Magnets right here.  I already sold 70 of them and have 30 more available.

They are 5″x3 3/4″ and are $7 including shipping.  You can click on the button below to buy them using a credit card of Paypal… 

…or you can email me at [email protected] and pay by check.



“We Haven’t Cooked This Much Since The 50’s”. Corona Housewife Magnets For Sale.

My Corona Housewife Magnets.

I sold 53 Corona Housewife Magnets, without the help of Etsy, over the weekend.

Thank you, everyone, who bought them for yourselves and to give as gifts.

Nora bought two.  She gave one to a friend who said to her… “we have not cooked this much since the fifties!!” 

Cindy, who said it was perfect for her family, told me… “Our (grown) son has been saying something similar to me since we started needing to stay home!”

I still have 45 magnets to sell.

If I had them on Etsy they’d be up in my shop so people could see them whenever they visited.  But since I can’t put them there, I’ll just have to try to do the same right here.

My Corona Housewife Magnets are 5″x3 3/4″ and are $7 including shipping.   You can buy them using Paypal or a credit card by clicking on the button below.

Or you email me at [email protected] and send me a check.

For those of you who haven’t seen them yet, I made these magnets from a thread drawing that I did on my Corona Kimono. You can read all about them here. 




Corona Housewife Magnets, Sold Out

Well, it happened, despite Etsy censoring my Corona Housewife Magnets, they are now sold out.

I first posted my magnets for sale on June 1st.  Two days later Etsy removed them from my shop claiming they would not be selling anything referring to the Coronavirus.

I had a few emails back and forth with Etsy about the issue, but I knew a big corporation like Etsy wouldn’t care about an artist’s intention or have time to bother with something as small as a $7 magnet.

So I began selling them on my blog.  And now, only a few weeks later all 100 of them are out in the world bringing their message to everyone who sees it.

So thank you all for buying my Corona Housewife Magnets.   As much as I like them, my wish is that they soon become obsolete.

Let’s Try This Again. My Corona Housewife Magnets, Sold Out

Fate (who looks pretty annoyed and I don’t blame her), Zinnia and my Corona Housewife Magnet

My Corona Housewife magnet has given me some trouble.  First Etsy removed it from my shop saying they aren’t selling anything related to the Coronavirus.  Then the Paypal button I put up on my blog post on Monday didn’t work.  And just yesterday the new Paypal button I put up suddenly started charging people $10 shipping for a magnet.

I’m trying to make buying my magnets as easy as possible but there seems to be some resistance.  I’m not sure how to take it all except to keep trying.

So here I go again.

I tested and asked Jon to test the paypal button below and make sure it was working.  So far it is.

My Corona Housewife Magnets are Sold Out $7 including shipping.  You can use the button below to buy them using Paypal or your credit card.  I’ve already sold 85 magnets and only have 15 still available. 


Men Are Housewives Too: Only 20 Coronavirus Housewife Magnets Left….

Housewife Jon

I’ve heard from more than one man that it was actually them, not their wives,  who have become the “housewives” during the Coronavirus.  And although I wouldn’t really include Jon as one of them (I’ve been doing more cooking than usual) he is in many ways more domestic than I am.

I have 20 Corona Housewife magnets still available.  Since Etsy has censured them and I can’t sell them in my shop, I’m selling them right here on my blog.

My Corona Housewife Magnets are Sold out.  5″x3 3/4″ and are $7 each including shipping. You can buy them by clicking on the button below and use paypal or a credit card.Or you can email me at [email protected] and send a check to Full Moon Fiber Art PO Box 205 Cambridge NY 12816.

My Corona Housewife Magnets, Censored By Etsy…..For Sale Here

My Corona Housewife Magnet.  It’s 5″ x 3 3/4 ” and is $7.  Just click on the button below to buy it.

“…we’ve removed items from your shop, in accordance with our Prohibited Items Policy.” Was what the email I got from Etsy this morning read.

When I looked in my Etsy Shop I saw that my Corona Housewife Magnet was no longer there.  It seems anything to do with the virus is immediately removed.

Etsy is afraid of offending.

I’m sure a real person did not look at my magnet and judge it offensive.  I imagine it was software that made that decision.

Since I can’t sell my magnets that speak of this time and what so many women are going through in my Etsy Shop where they would get the most exposure,  I’m selling them right here instead.

There’s an Add to Cart button below that you can use to automatically buy my Corona Housewives Magnet.  They’re $7 each including shipping. Clicking on that button allows you to buy as many magnets as you want and to pay for them using paypal or a credit card.

Or if you prefer, you can  send a check to Full Moon Fiber Art PO Box 205 Cambridge NY 12816 or email me at [email protected]

Just because Etsy won’t sell my magnets, that’s no reason I can’t.

My Coronavirus Housewife Magnets For Sale

My Coronavirus Housewife Magnet for sale in my Etsy Shop. 

I stitched the Corona Housewife on my Corona Kimono because I was seeing it happen to the women around me.  They were falling into the old gender roles of cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the kids, some along with still working from home.

But it wasn’t just happening around me, it was happening all over.

And it’s happened again and again throughout history, women making strides towards independence then dealing with the backlash.  It’s a slow evolution but an evolution just the same.

I chose to draw a 1950’s housewife because I feel it’s a familiar image that speaks strongly to this phenomenon.

During WWII, American women filled the jobs that men left when they went to fight in the war.  They got to know the independence and freedom that comes with earning their own money.  But after the war, when men came back and reclaimed their jobs, women became the homemakers once again.

They were encouraged to defer to their husbands and do what it took to make them happy.  This idea was so prevalent you could find it in ads and even on women’s hankies.

I don’t believe this time it was calculated as it was in the 1950’s or that we have regressed as far. But I do see once again how women still give themselves away, subjugating themselves to others often without even being aware of it.

In times of crisis, we do what we have to in order to survive, but I did find it interesting how quickly and easily we can fall back into these old roles.

My Corona Virus Housewife Magnets are for sale in my Etsy Shop.  They are 5″x3 3/4″ (bigger than my other magnets) and are $7 + $1 shipping for one or more.  You can buy them here. 

Full Moon Fiber Art Etsy Store

My Email To Etsy About Censoring My Corona Housewife Magnet

My Corona Housewife Magnet for sale right here, just click on the button below.  They’re $7 each including shipping.

 This is the email I sent to Etsy in reply to them prohibiting my Corona Housewife Magnet from being sold in my Etsy Shop:

I read your policies and do not see why my magnet should be prohibited from being sold on Etsy.  

I don’t understand how my magnet is different from all the Tshirts that are being sold on Etsy referring to the Corona Virus. Except that my message is more important than some of the ones I see on the Tshirts. 

My magnets are making an important point about one of the effects of the virus on many women.  A point I have witnessed and read about.  This magnet affirms what many women are experiencing during this time and gives voice to that phenomenon.   People are buying them to give to friends and family as a way of saying they understand this hardship they are experiencing.  

I included links to articles about how this is happening to women not just in the United States, but in many countries around the world.  I signed it saying I hope they change their decision.

I don’t imagine anyone will read my email, but when I saw that I could reply to it, I did.  If there’s a way to contact someone at Etsy I haven’t been able to figure it out.  Maybe you have to be more tech-savvy than I am.
I was ready to just give in to it when I first got the email from Etsy.  I knew I’d be battling with a system that has no space for nuance or a real human to talk to.  But then I got a few emails, one defending Etsy and the rest sympathetic to my issue.
When someone mentioned the Tshirts that are being sold on Etsy,  (Some referring to both the coronavirus and Corona beer) I took a look and the idea of Etsy prohibiting my magnets made less sense than ever.
So I’ll see what happens.  But even without Etsy, I’m determined to sell my Corona Housewife Magnets.
They are 5″x3 3/4″ and are $7 each including shipping.
To buy them you can click on the “Add to cart” button below and use PayPal or a credit card.  Or you can send a check to:  Full Moon Fiber Art PO Box 205 Cambridge NY 12816.  You can also email me at [email protected].

My Monday Morning Video, A Day Late

I’m seeing, when I look back at my blog posts from yesterday, just how tough a day it was for me.

If I had forgotten, I can tell because I messed up the post about my Corona Housewife Magnets and I never published my Monday Morning Video.

What happened is I had some bad news about my mother’s health that threw me off.

My relationship with my mother is complicated and between yesterday and today,  I’m just starting to understand it a little more.  It’s not something I want to write about yet, but when I make mistakes like I did yesterday I do want to acknowledge what’s happening.   It’s actually the reason that the work I’m doing on my quilt is going so slowly.

But when times are difficult for me,  it’s my art and blogging that helps keep me grounded.

So here it is, a day late, my Monday Morning Video.


Full Moon Fiber Art