I’m Not A Ghost And I Belong To Me Postcards For Sale

My I Am Postcards.  Three different 4×6″ postcards, a pack of six cards total for $12 including shipping.  For sale in my Etsy Shop.

I’m thinking of these as my  I Am postcards.  They are all about an affirmation of the self.

That’s why I thought I’d sell them all together.  They make a good pack of cards.  Cards that when they go through the mail are seen by everyone who handles them as well as the person who sent them and the person receiving them.

It’s another way of getting a good message out into the world.  And I bet the postal worker could use a good message these days.

The images on the postcards come from my fabric paintings and collage.  The words are the titles so if you search for them on the blog, you’ll get to read all about the images, where the idea for them came from and how I made them.

I’m selling my postcards in packs of 6.  They’re 4″x6″ and are $12 and shipping is free.  You can buy them here in my Etsy Shop. 

Or you can email me at [email protected] and let me know what you’d like.  I take checks and paypal. 

I’m selling them as a pack of these three different cards (2 of each card) or if you want six of one card you can also buy them that way.

I’m Not A Ghost pack of six postcards for $12 including shipping. 
I Belong to Me Pack of six postcards, $12 including shipping. 
I Am Enough pack of 6 postcards for $12 including shipping.


Creating The Lettering For “Shield Of Words” Posters, Postcards and Magnets



It was when I showed Emily my I Belong To Me and I’m Not A Ghost postcards, during one of our Zoom studio visits, that she said she wished I had created the letting for the words.

This idea was a natural one for Emily.  She uses and creates words in her collage art all the time. Her words are a part of her images.  (click here to see some of Emily’s work)

As soon as she said it, I knew she was right and wondered why I had never thought of it before.  I’ve used words in my art for years.  Most recently on my Corona Kimono.

I decided to take Emily’s advice and yesterday when, by chance, I met Sara Kelly, who does the graphics for my posters, postcards and magnets, in the post office I knew it was time to actually do it.

So this morning using the same old quilt backing that I used for my Shield of Words fabric painting I stitched the title on my sewing machine.

My first try wasn’t quite right.  I didn’t like the “of”, it wasn’t strong enough.  But I did like the capital “D” in the word Shield, because it looks like a shield, and wanted to put the same “D” on the “Words”.

So I redid it.

I was hoping to make the lettering expressive.   To give them that feeling of someone sitting down and quickly writing the words in pencil then going over them again and again.  Which is just what I do with my sewing machine.  I also thickened up their bottoms, just a bit, to give them weight and grounding.

Then I send a photo of my Shield of Words fabric painting and the words to Sara.  She’ll work her magic and put them together, making them just the right size for posters, postcards and magnets.

My first try at stitching the words
The image of my Shield of Words that I sent to Sara Kelly.



I’m Not A Ghost Magnet For Sale

I’m Not A Ghost Magnets for sale in my Etsy Shop

Can an affirmation have a negative word in it?  This one does.  The words came to me after a phone conversation that left me feeling like I was unknown and unseen.

The affirmation was that those feelings, no matter where they come from, don’t make me who I am.

After the words came to me, I sat down on my studio floor and cutting apart a collage I made weeks before, I sewed the image of the woman and sheep to an old quilt backing.  Then I used one of the appliques from the front of the quilt to create the sun, shining light on the reality of my being a very real, solid person.

I believe I’m not alone in these feelings which is why I made the fabric painting into postcards and now a magnet.

They are both for sale in my Etsy Shop.  My magnets are 4″x2 3/4″ and are $6 + $1 shipping for one or more.  You can buy them here.  


“I’m Not A Ghost” Postcard

I just put my latest fabric painting, “I’m Not A Ghost” in the mail to its new owner.  But before I did, I sent a photo of it to Sara Kelly and asked her to design a postcard of it.  She got back to me with the image above.

I got a little choked up when I saw it, the typeface and colors just right.

I immediately sent it to Brad our local printer along with my collage image “I belong to me”, which Sara also helped me size and make some changes on the lettering so it too could be made into a 4×6 postcard.

Both Sara’s and Brad’s businesses have suffered during the Corona Virus.  Sara had been doing more painting, and during the lockdown Brad took care of his kids while his wife, who is an essential worker, kept working.  I feel even more fortunate to have them than ever.

I’ll be selling both postcards in my Etsy Shop when I get them.

Curating My Etsy Shop

I Am Enough poster, postcards and magnet and my Rainy Season Potholder.  All for sale in my Etsy Shop.

“I do enough, I have enough, I am enough. All is well.” ” That’s how my yoga teacher starts off each class,” Susan wrote to me.

Susan sent one of my I Am Enough posters to her teacher and I’ve adopted that mantra.

At night, when I can’t sleep, I close my eyes, put my hand on my belly to feel my breath move in and out, and repeat those words over and over.  Sometimes, I imagine writing them with my sewing machine. The grand up-swoop of the cursive “I” the repetitive mounds of the “m”.

This morning as I was packing my “Hope” quilt into its box, I noticed I had only three potholders in my Etsy Shop and decided to spend some time this week making more. But I also noticed how the three potholders I did have went so well with some of my magnets and postcards.

It’s the curator in me that wanted to see them together.

So I arranged them on the floor and took some pictures.

They make a nice little package I thought.  And remembered how Jody bought one of my magnets and a Flying Vulva decal as part of a gift for a friend who was turning 50.

I’ll have some new Intuitive Patchwork Potholders in my shop sometime next week.  Until then I do have it stocked with reproductions of my fiber art in a few different forms.   With each order, I send one of my Shield of Words Postcards and an Owl Woman sticker.

And I’ll leave you with a message from Stephanie about Mary Kellogg’s book This Time Of Life. A five-star review in my opinion…

“I received Mary’s book a couple of days ago and was moved to tears by her poems. Please tell her thank you from me and how very much I could relate to them.” Stephanie

My I’m Not A Ghost Postcards and Magnets and my Pothotholders, Ins and Ions and Thinking of Spring for sale in my Etsy Shop. 
Mary Kelloggs Book This Time Of Life for sale in my Etsy Shop. 

A Single Skein

I have two bags of Asher’s roving and a single skein of Bedlam Farm Wool left in my Etsy Shop.  The rest sold quickly in just two days.

But I try to keep a good stock of work in my Etsy Shop.  I have magnets and postcards,  posters and potholders, pins and poetry, buttons and decals.

Next week I’ll be selling my Inner Eye Potholders and I’m hoping to get my I’m Not A Ghost magnets.

Just click here to visit my Etsy Shop.

Asher’s Roving. A mix of Cormo, Romney and Blueface Leicester.  8 oz for $28 + shipping.
Full Moon Fiber Art