Zinnia At The Twin Healing Trees

Yesterday I went for a long walk in the woods with Fate and Zinnia.  I wasn’t planning on visiting the Twin Healing Trees, but I found myself there.

I sat for a while between them, soaking up their grounded energy.  I forgot how big they were, I stretched my arms around one of them and would have needed another of me to touch my hands.

When I crouched down in front of them to take a picture in the afternoon light, Zinnia stepped between the trees.

I wonder if the animals feel the same energy that I do.

I’d imagine they’d be even more in tune to it.  I know lots of creatures live in small caves in the roots of the trees.  I would think it a wonderful place to call home.

Twin Healing Trees In Their New Homes

Vicki’s Twin Healing Trees poster

Both Vicki and Nancy sent me these pictures of my Twin Healing Trees posters framed and hanging on their walls.

Vicki framed hers herself.  She’s an artist and farmer but always seems to be doing something new.  Check out her blog Cluckin “A” Critter Farm.

Kim has her Twin Healing Trees magnet hanging by her computer she wrote…”as I am doing my work i can just glance up, pause, look at your magnet & connect with nature through breathe & then move forward.”

Nancy lives on a Honey Farm near Seattle.  She has all four of my posters hanging near her desk.  She calls it her inspiration wall.

It’s always exciting to see my art framed and hanging on someone’s wall and to know it has meaning to them when they look at it no matter what form it’s in.

Nancy’s Inspiration wall with all four of my posters on it.

I still have Twin Healing Tree posters, postcards and magnets available in my Etsy Shop.  Just click here to see and buy all my posters and postcards, magnets and pins.

Twin Healing Trees Magnets, More On The Way

On Friday I got 50 Twin Healing Tree magnets in the mail from Sticker Mule.  And today I spent a few hours filling 50 orders of Twin Healing Tree magnets.

I already had the colorful envelopes to put them in.  Each envelope has one of my Zelda, Doily Woman postcards, one or more magnet depending on the order and my business card slipped into a small plastic sleeve.

I was delighted and surprised that so many people wanted my magnets.

So I ordered more, this time a little bigger.  About 2 1/2″ x 4″ instead of 2″x3″.   They’ll be $5 instead of $3 ( I got a good deal on the first order, it was a promotion from Sticker Mule).

I should have them in some time this week and hope to have my Twin Healing Trees posters and postcards soon too.

So thanks to everyone for buying my Twin Healing Tree magnets.  I’ll let you know when the new batch arrives.

Twin Healing Trees Magnets For Sale

Twin Healing Trees flat magnet. For sale in my Etsy Shop. $3 each including shipping.

I’m still working on having my Twin Healing Trees fabric painting made into a poster and postcards, but I also had it made into a magnet.

I just got them today, they’re flat magnets,  2″x3″ and are $3 each including shipping. You can buy them here, in my Etsy Shop.

I think this is one of those images that work really well in many forms.  I’d like to get it out into the world in as many different ways as possible.

It speaks not only of our connection to nature but how we are really all one.

Full Moon Fiber Art Etsy Store

Twin Healing Trees Posters and Postcards, Coming Soon

Twin Healing Trees Post Cards

It probably sounded to Sara like I was begging when I asked her to help me size a photo of my Twin Healing Trees fabric painting so I could make it into a poster and postcards.

I did feel a little desperate.  The last time I tried to make postcards by myself I went back and forth with Brad at the printers so many times I almost gave up.  It should have been simple, Sara (who is a painter as well as our town’s most popular graphic designer) makes it look that way.  But it isn’t, not for me.

And of course, as usual, Sara got back to me with two versions of the image.  One with the perfect green border and one without.  I thought I’d want the image to bleed off the page, but when I saw the green border it framed the photo so perfect and actually made it stand out more rather than distract from it.

I’ll send the pdf off to Brad and in a couple of weeks, I’ll have 11×17″ posters and 4×6″ postcards of Twin Healing Trees for sale in my Etsy Shop. 

I’ll keep you updated.

Twin Healing Trees, Grounded and Connected


“Twin Healing Trees”

I finished my Twin Healing Trees fabric painting today.  Barbara left a comment on my blog saying she thought the background looked like “infinite possibilities”.

For me, it is a special piece.  I feel like it captures how I feel about the trees in the woods where I walk,  as well as these two trees in particular.

When I first drew the picture from the photo I took of me between the trees, I didn’t know that I’d be dressing the woman in some of the same fabric I’d be using to depict the trees and forest floor.  And Hannah left a comment on my blog noticing that I used a fabric with trees on it, placed horizontally, for her leggins.

Grounded and connected is how I so often feel walking in the woods.  And grounded and connected is what I see when I look at this piece.

Twin Healing Trees is 32 1/2″ x 21 1/2″, it was $300 and it is sold.

Finishing Up Twin Healing Trees

I spent the day working on my Twin Healing Trees fabric painting.  I drew the backing using permanent marker.  Then I found the right fabric for a border…

Piecing together the batting on the back of Twin Healing Trees.

I had to piece together some batting on the back of the piece after sewing on the border.  Then I found a green piece of fabric for the backing that was just the right size.  I’m sewing it on by hand because I didn’t want any stitching on the front of the piece.   I’m planning on finishing it tomorrow morning.

Twin Healing Trees, Deciding On The Background

After Jon took the video of me talking about making Twin Healing Trees, this morning I finished stitching the trees and made her boots red.

Then I started thinking about the space between and around the trees.  All along I was thinking I’d cut around the woman and remove the white fabric and replace it with another.

But when I found a fabric with the design I liked, the color wasn’t quite right. So I realized that I might just be able to replicate the design of the fabric, which is a pattern of dots, on the ground that’s already there.

So I found a small piece of fabric that seemed close to the same kind of material as the fabric painting and tried out some designs and colors.  Then I cut and pinned the fabric to the piece to see what it would look like.  With all my experimenting I ran out of practice fabric so then used the closest I had to it (that’s the piece above her head).

The marker doesn’t bleed as much on that fabric, and it’s whiter, but it gives me an idea of what it would look like to have the dotted design all round the figure and between the trees.

After trying a bunch of different things for a couple of hours, I left the piece the way I thought it looked best, fed the animals then went for a walk to clear my head.

But I still need more space, so I’ll look at it again in the morning and see what happens.


Twin Healing Trees: Roots

I continued to work on my Twin Healing Trees.   It’s a slow process, partly because I’m making it up as I go.

After I stitched the trees down, I thought of quilting over them.  Of using the patterns of the folds of the fabric to create the lines of the bark.  It would flatten things out some, but there would still be some of the uneven texture that I’m trying to get.  The trees have a drapey feeling to them now, the quilting might make them a little less soft and more solid feeling.

I’m still figuring out the moss covered tree roots, but I think I got a good start.  I placed some darker, patterned fabric under the roots, but it blended too much and made it hard to distinguish where the trees ended and the “ground” began.

So I was thinking of a lighter color or something with purple in it to contrast the green.  As I was leaving my studio, I picked out the two pieces of fabric below as possibilities…

Full Moon Fiber Art