Shadow Drawings

I’m trying something new inspired by a photo I took of me and Fate, a drawing I did while waiting for my friends to show up at the Round House Cafe and the illustrations of Jacqueline Ayer. 

I was first drawn to the distortions made by shadows.  But I also wanted to get that spontaneous and confident feeling of a line, like in my drawing.One of the shadow photos of me and Fate

A page from Jacqueline Ayer’s book The Paper-Flower Tree
The drawing I did waiting in the Round House Cafe
Working on my Shadow drawings….


Instax Of My Bird Feeder

I was late filling my birdfeeder this year, but since the snow the birds have found it again.

I found this birdfeeder at the town dump a few years ago.  Iove the shape of it and how the snow piles up on the roof.

This morning I put suet in the holder.  I’ve already seen a nuthatch and woodpecker eating seeds, so they’re sure to be back for the suet too.

The Patched Together Goddess Doll

When my friend Cindy wrote to me that she wished I could patch her up like I did my old pink chair, I told her I wished the same and that I’d know which fabric to use.

Then she asked me for a picture of the fabric.

But I couldn’t take a picture of the fabric, because it was something I’d imagined.   I knew the fabric would be colorful and have animals on it surrounded by flowers.

The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to find that fabric even if I had to piece it together.

That’s when I  thought that since I couldn’t patch up my friend like I did my pink chair, I could make her something patched together with the fabrics I’d imagined.

First I thought I’d make her a pillow,  but I couldn’t picture it.  So I sat at my worktable, closed my eyes and waited for something to come.  That’s when I saw the goddess doll.

I made her up as I went along, listening to Bellydancing music I  stuffed her with roving from my sheep Zelda and Griselle and gave her lace hair.

Tomorrow I’ll send her to Cindy.

Little Free Library In The Snow

My Instax of our Little Free Library

After shoveling the heavy piles of snow that the plows left behind our cars and in front of the mailbox, I shoveled a path to our Little Free Library.

I remembered how last year I didn’t shovel a path and it was inaccessible for a good part of the winter.  I didn’t want that to happen again this year.

There are lots of books in our Little Free Library that Jon and I didn’t put there, so I know it’s being well used.  There’s still a copy of Alice Munroe’s  Family Furnishings, that I put there a while ago. I hope someone who likes short stories will find it, it’s one of my favorites.

Maybe I should put a little post-it on it saying “Terrific book!” Like Charlotte did for Wilbur.


Periwinkle Pockets Of Light

Reflected light in the snow.

They were everywhere this morning, those periwinkle pockets of light in the snow.  They glow as if lit from below.

When I see them I always think of the art of James Turrell.  I saw his work the first time I ever went to the Whitney Museum when I was in High School and I never forgot it.

Now I think of his light sculptures when I’m shoveling snow.

When I looked at the photos I took of the reflected light in the snow, I thought they could just as easily be a picture of a cloudy sky with hints of blue peeking through. 


Soft As The Falling Snow

Zinnia asleep in Jon’s office.

It’s soft and light on my shovel, easy to push and toss aside.  There’s about five inches of snow on the ground now.  Jon and I just came in from shoveling paths and cleaning off the cars.

The snow is falling straight and even, without wind to create drifts, so I’ll go out again in a couple of hours to try to keep up with it.  Between the front and backyards and barnyard we have plenty of paths to keep clear and it’s easier to shovel five inches of snow at a time than ten inches at once.

There’s a quiet that comes with this kind of snow.  The air is so busy, congested with snowflakes soundlessly bumping into and landing on top of each other.  They should be making a racket.

And all that movement somehow seems to bring a stillness too. Again, it doesn’t make sense, but the donkeys and sheep stand contentedly in the polebarn, the chickens go dormant in the roost, and inside the house, the dogs are calm.

Zinnia is so quiet in Jon’s office I can hear the clicking of Jon’s fingers on his keyboard.  Along with the comforting ticking of the woodstoves, there’s the satisfying sound of Fate chewing a bone at my feet and Bud snoring on the couch.

I hear the plow truck on Route 22 before I see the flashing lights in the window, but otherwise, the road is silent.

It’s only 6pm but it feels like 3am.   Like most of the people for miles around are asleep. I feel that way too, quiet and gentle inside, as soft as the falling snow.


My Shekinah Sticker

Ever since I had my Flying Vulva Decals made by the company Sticker Mule, they’ve been sending me deals on stickers and pins that I can’t resist.

Their lastest is 50 dye cut stickers for $19.  I love putting stickers with my own images on the packages I send out.  The other reason I do it is that Sticker Mule makes it ridiculously easy to create a sticker from my photos.

So this is the sticker that will be on my packages soon.  It comes from one of my Shekinah Potholders that I made a while ago. I also made a fabric painting using the same image.

I really do like this stylized vulva image, so I’m glad to be able to put it out into the world again in another way.

My Shekinah Fabric Painting
Full Moon Fiber Art