Liz’s Quilt

I finished designing Liz’s quilt today.

She gave me a big piece of fabric for the backing which I pieced together today.   I may put it all together tomorrow or I may decide to work on my fabric painting.

I did some drawings for the moth that will be in my fabric painting over the weekend, so I have an idea of what it might look like.

I’ll have to see how I feel in the morning.

Some of my moth drawings

Liz’s Quilt

In the spring Jon and I went to visit out shearer Liz Willis on her farm in Vermont. I got to see the sheep she was looking to find a new home for and chose two ewes.  She’ll bring them with her when she comes to shear the sheep in October.

In exchange, I’m making a quilt for Liz.

That same day, she handed me the bag of fabric, some already cut into squares.  That was a far as she got on the quilt she planned to make some years ago.

I emptied the bag of fabric out on my work table this morning.  I’m not used to working with such measured pieces of fabric so I took out my Gees Bend book for inspiration.

Then I put some of the squares together cut others up and started sewing.

I got this far and felt like I needed to add some fabric with a different tone.  So I used the back of one of the prints instead of the front.

This is as far as I got today.  I hope to finish designing it tomorrow.



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Nights Of Frost

For the past two nights, frost has wilted the flowers.   In the morning the birdbath is covered in a thin layer of ice.

It seems too early for a frost, but I probably always feel that way.

I draped the dahlia’s in sheets and moved the outdoor potted plants under the porch wrapping them too in sheets.  I brought my cactuses in the house.  This year I’ll put them upstairs where it’s sunny but cold in the winter.

Most of the dahlias are wilted and dying even with the cover of sheets.  Yesterday I marked them by tying yarn correlating with the colors of the flowers around the stems. This way,  by the time I dig them up, I’ll be able to separate the bulbs and know what I have for next spring.

Ah, and there it is.

With gardening as with farming at the end of every season comes the preparations for the next.  So when I carry the dahlia bulbs in separate boxes and bags into the basement, for their winter’s sleep, it’s with the expectation of spring.

Corona Kimono 9/17/20


It came to me last week that President Trump didn’t have a place on my Corona Kimono.  Although I’ve referred to him with some images, I didn’t have an entry that spoke directly to his role in the Pandemic.

The idea came to me this morning. The image of Donald Trump golfing while people are dying of the Corona Virus.

I used my newly found technique of stitching around a drawing that I made, of Trump playing golf,  from a photo that I found online.

Under him, I stitched the number of people that have died in the United States, 196,277, and the date beneath it. Alongside him I wrote out the number of people infected with the Corona Virus,6,613,331 in the United States.  These figures are according to the CDC.


The drawing that I stitched around on the sleeve of my Corona Kimono
The back of my Corona Kimono. Today’s entry is on the right sleeve



Shield Of Words Coming Together

Yesterday, I sewed down the legs of the woman in the fabric painting then, using matte medium and the pieces of fabric on the left side of the quilt, I created her dress.

I drew the boots on paper to get the size right and used them as a pattern to make two red boots.  Today I sewed them down using the black thread.

Then I drew her hand out of paper and used it as a template to stitch around.

Usually I do all the thread drawing freehand, but because of the size of the piece, I was having a hard time getting the scale right.  I can’t see this whole piece, as I can with smaller thread drawings, when it’s on my sewing machine.  So it’s hard to judge size and get the proportions right.

Here she is with her dress and hand all done.  I’m very happy with how the fabrics in the dress blend together using the matte medium.

Here she is so far.  Next, I’ll work on the moth. Then the shield.

I’m thinking of using the old hand quilting from the ground she’s on, as a guide to how I’ll finish the background.  I’m not sure exactly how that would work yet, but I have a few ideas.

I’m Not A Ghost Magnet For Sale

I’m Not A Ghost Magnets for sale in my Etsy Shop

Can an affirmation have a negative word in it?  This one does.  The words came to me after a phone conversation that left me feeling like I was unknown and unseen.

The affirmation was that those feelings, no matter where they come from, don’t make me who I am.

After the words came to me, I sat down on my studio floor and cutting apart a collage I made weeks before, I sewed the image of the woman and sheep to an old quilt backing.  Then I used one of the appliques from the front of the quilt to create the sun, shining light on the reality of my being a very real, solid person.

I believe I’m not alone in these feelings which is why I made the fabric painting into postcards and now a magnet.

They are both for sale in my Etsy Shop.  My magnets are 4″x2 3/4″ and are $6 + $1 shipping for one or more.  You can buy them here.  


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