Thanks For My Daily Goal

Marsha left a comment on my blog saying that she finds it important to have a daily goal to make it easier to get through her day.  And Uta said that she appreciates my videos of the country since she’s locked in her house right now.

Making and posting my videos and photos and writing on my blog have taken on new importance for me.  Knowing that you all are there and that what I post is helpful to many of you during this pandemic, gives me that daily goal that Marsha wrote about.

It’s far from selfless.  Each time I see something that has meaning for me or just makes me smile and feel a little lighter I want to share it with all of you.

I get to experience the joy of creating and the joy of knowing that I’m doing something for someone else.

So thank you all for being there through this strange and difficult time.

And thank you to everyone who has continued to make donations to my blog and to everyone who has made a donation since this all began.  I’ve had a hard time focusing while continually adjusting to everything that is happening and find myself taking photos, videos and writing more than creating art in my studio.   So your support has been especially important in the past month.





Needing Each Other

While talking to Mandy on the phone last week I started this drawing and continued it today.  I’ll keep it going and start another as long as we keep having our Friday “Lunch”.

I’ve been having lunch with my friends Mandy and Athena every week for over five years.  Two weeks ago when they wanted to talk on the phone instead of getting together, I was annoyed that they didn’t want to figure out a way to get together face to face.

But two weeks seems like a long time ago, and so much has changed.  Now I’m just glad to talk to any of my friends on the phone.

For the past two Fridays Mandy and I have kept that lunch date. I’m in my studio and she’s in her house.

Mandy closed her Massage Therapy Studio at least three weeks ago. She built her business up over the past 20 years.   And now, like many people, she can’t work, (which is bad enough) and she’s worried about what her business will be like when she can get back to it.

It made me once again grateful that I can continue doing my work.

We talked for over an hour, and a while after we got off the phone Mandy texted me and thanked me for our conversation.

I’ve never had an easy time making friends.  But I found it especially hard as an adult who works at home alone.  I’ve really had to make an effort to reach out to people and keep friendships going.

But I find that during this time, I’m reaching out to my friends so much that Jon has noticed it and mentioned it to me. I do feel that we find out who we really are and what is important t us when there is a crisis such as we’re all in now.

My friends and my community feel essential to me now.  I need them as much as I want to be there for them.

I texted Mandy back, There’s something nice about needing each other”.

She wrote back that she had been thinking the same thing.

Asher In The Hay Feeder

I used to pull Asher out of the hay feeder when I first saw him standing in it with his front feet.  But he does it so often, and no one else seems to mind so now I just leave him alone.

It’s been raining a lot, gloomy days for me, but April showers and all that.  If we get some sunshine after all this rain, the grass will pop up and the sheep and donkeys will be grazing instead of eating hay.


Three Graces, Buttons and Beads

Close up of buttons an beads on Three Graces.

It’s important to make face masks.  But it’s also important for me to keep making my art.  One is about surviving the other about living.

I’m almost done sewing the buttons and bead on my Three Graces fabric painting, but it’s late and I’m tired, so I’m going to bed.

I’ll finish them up in the morning.

Bev’s Magical Sewing Box, Making More Face Masks

Bev’s Sewing Box

I slipped the gold stretchy band around the stack of Price Chopper gift cards that people sent to Jon and put them in the priority envelope addressed to Sue Silverstein.  She’ll distribute them to the families of the kids, who go to Bishop Maginn High School, and don’t have money for food.

I’d been thinking of what to use as a substitute for the 1/4″ elastic I need to make more face masks when I thought of the gold stretchy band.  It originally came from a pack of Carol Conklin’s note cards.  I saved it knowing I would use it someday.

So I messaged Carol and she told me she got them from Clearbags.  They had plenty in stock so I got a hundred- 14″ elastic stretch loops.  They’ll be here in a week.

But I offered to make a couple of masks for friends and now a week seems like a long time away.

So I was all ready to make some masks with ties (which I heard slip easily so resisted making them) when I thought of the sewing box of notions that Bev, from Carroll’s Trading Post left on the back porch for me.

I was already able to share some elastic from the notion box with my friend Emily who needed it to repair one of her Bellydancing skirts.  I knew there was more 1′ elastic in the box, so I thought I’d see if I could cut it down to 1/4″.

But as I was looking through it, I found a package that I hadn’t seen before, of 1/4″ elastic.

It seemed like a little bit of magic to me. Like that box of notions that will always have just what I need.

So tonight I’m going to make a few more face masks.  I’ll send the few off to my friends and have some for whoever else may need them.

And when I need to make more face masks,  I have about 10 more yards of 1/4″ elastic that I’ll be getting in about 2 weeks.


Donkey’s Dinner A Thirty Second Meditation

Before Jon and I were married, I was feeding the animals on Bedlam Farm on the weekends as an exchange for getting to work out of a barn (which became my Studio Barn) on the farm.

I first few times I fed the animals I cried.

I didn’t know why, but feeding the animals brought up so much emotion in me.  It was as if I was finally doing what I was meant to do.  Jon always claimed that it was my nurturing instinct and I imagine he’s right, although I still don’t really understand it all.

I don’t cry when I feed the animals anymore, but it is an important part of my day.

I love everything about it, the way the animals come to the gate when I come out of the house, the gentle way they follow me to the feeders and allow me to be so close to them when they’re eating, never showing any aggression.

On the other side of it, I love to clean up their manure. Raking it into a small mound, and scooping it up in the big shovel then dropping in on the pile which will eventually feed many gardens.

And sometimes, like yesterday,  I like to just sit and watch the animals eat.  There’s something really satisfying in about the sound of them crunching hay and the calm and contentment that the donkeys and sheep exude when they eat.


Garbage and Solar Panels

The ticks have arrived so I won’t be walking off the path in the woods for a long time.

I came upon this tree a couple of days ago. It had two long holes on one side of it and when I looked through them there daylight coming in.  On the other side of the tree was an opening creating a small cave-like space.

Today, instead of walking in the woods, I got a couple of garbage bags put on some rubber gloves and picked up the garbage on the side of the road in front of the farm and across the road from us.

Yesterday I saw one of our neighbors doing the same on the stretch of land next to ours.

I filled up two garbage bags with mostly beer, soda and water bottles, and about a dozen empty tins of chewing tobacco.

Then Jon and I filled out the loan application for the Solar panels we’re hoping to get.

They’d stand in the south pasture and hook directly into our electrical box.  With the money we’ll save on making our own electricity, our loan payments and monthly electrical bill will be less than our electrical bill is now.

I’m excited to get them.

We’re on a program now that all of our electricity comes from Wind Power. But by having solar panels, in the summer months when we have extra electricity, we’ll be sending it to our neighbors so their electricity doesn’t have to travel as far to get to them. This saves energy, so our solar panels will have a bit of a communal effect.

It’s such a warm and sunny day, I just want to be out in it.  So I took a walk on McMillan Road with Jon, Zinnia and Fate too.

But now I’m back in my studio,  looking forward to continuing to work on “The Three Graces”.


Full Moon Fiber Art