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My School House Studio with Fate in the Doorway

Welcome to Full Moon Fiber Art.

I’m Maria Wulf and I live on Bedlam Farm in upstate New York with my husband the writer and photographer Jon Katz.

I work out of a  150 year old School House, that was moved to the farm in the 1960’s.   I call it The School House Studio and it’s become a sacred place for me.  I spend most of my days in my studio working with my dog Fate to keep me company.

This site is about the fiber art, which I make and sell: quilts, potholders, wallhangings and other art.  In my blog Wulf Howling I write about how I make my art and about what inspires me.  I also write about my life as an artist and about living on Bedlam Farm with Jon and our animals.

Once a year Jon and I have our Bedlam Farm  Open House at the farm.  It’s in the fall and this year we’re planning something a little different, so check out my Events page for more information on that.   Everyone is welcome to come visit the farm,  it’s a celebration of Art, Creativity and Farm life.

Jon and our border collies, Red and Fate and now Bud  herd the  our sheep.   You can meet our donkeys Lulu and Fanny.  We also have chickens and barn two barn cats, Minnie and Flo.

I sell my art and the art of  other  artists (Carol Law Conklin from Amity Farm Batik and Jane McMillen from Little House Home Arts are regular artists at the Open House)   from my Studio which I transform into the School House Gallery for the weekend.   We have poetry readings and sheep shearing demonstrations.   You can find more information about the Bedlam Farm Open House on my  Events page .

Full Moon Fiber Art is an expression of my work, and the online launching of my life as an artist.

I’ve been an artist my whole adult life, but about ten years ago was inspired by the women of Gee’s Bend Alabama, who have been making originally designed quilts from old clothes fabric for over a hundred years.

And that’s what I do. I make original art from recycled clothes and fabric. I’m thrilled to be able to show it and sell it here.

I also love to encourage creativity,  so here’s a few of the blogs that I like to read… Just SusanIn My Nature, From An Upper Floor, Picking My Battles,  Bejosh Farm Journal and   Sewing By the Seat of My Pants.

I have come to love my blog,  it’s a part of my finding my voice.  I hope it inspires and encourages others to do the same.  So thanks for coming by and looking at my work. I appreciate and welcome your comments.

You can email me at: [email protected]

That's me with our donkey's Lulu and Fanny
That’s me with our donkey’s Lulu and Fanny



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