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Bud Comes Out Of The Doghouse To Play

Fate stuck her head in the doghouse and barked playfully.

A moment later Bud stuck his head out of the doghouse and watched as Fate tossed around the  toy that belonged to my dog Frieda.

You can see Bud pick up the toy and tease Fate with it in the video.

We’ve had the seemingly indestructible  toy for almost 15 years.  When I first got Frieda, from the SPCA, she wouldn’t play at all. I had another dog at the time, and lots of dog toys, but she wasn’t interested in any of them.

Then I got Frieda this heavy-duty, squeaky toy, and she started tossing it around and playing with it.

I know now it was less play and more hunting,(I saw Frieda do the same thing to a skunk and woodchuck, years later)  but Frieda looked like she was having fun for the first time since I got her.

Frieda’s toy doesn’t squeak anymore, but all the dogs we’ve had since Frieda died, (except Red, who is to dignified to play)seem to love playing with it.

A New Fabric Painting… Tulips or Vulvas

I saw the eyes a few weeks ago.  They were at the very bottom edge of an old quilt.  I knew my vision was the beginning of a new Fabric Painting.

The design of the quilt is called a tulip.  If you look carefully you can see the quilted stems and leaves. (although they’re upside down now).  Since the moment I saw the quilt I thought I was looking at vulva’s not tulips.

It’s that old flower vs vulva argument I guess.

As I cut the section of quilt I wanted to use for the ground of my Fabric painting, I saw that the eyes fit perfectly in the quilted diamonds.  And the tulip/vulva made a perfect third eye.  (turn the quilt on its side and the tulip/vulva becomes and eye itself.)

I’ll finish stitching the eyes, lavender this time I think, because of a dream I had of a friend with beautiful, sparkling, lavender eyes.

After that I’ll see what comes next.

Healthy Sheep

The good hay and  fresh water, the ability to graze and wander the pastures,  feeling safe and content.  I believe this is all a part of what keeps my sheep healthy and helps them grow such good wool.

I could put jackets on them to keep their wool cleaner and prevent it from fading from the sunlight, but I prefer to let them be unencumbered.  Anyway, I love to see them in their wool coats and how it grows from shearing to shearing.

We’ll  be picking up my latest batch of Bedlam Farm Wool on Friday and I’ll be putting it up for sale , in my Etsy Shop, on Monday.

Me, Watching Over Me


Self Portrait, Me, Watching Over Me

Of the first ten photos I took with my Lomo’Instant Camera this one was the only real mistake.

I accidentally clicked a picture while I was walking from one room to another.  I was sure I had gotten a picture of the living room ceiling, but when it developed I saw the self portrait and found the angle and how my face was positioned in the dark ground really interesting.

But then, I took it a step further, again not something I planned on doing.

When I tried to take a picture of the Instant photo with my iPhone, I kept getting my reflection in the dark back ground.  So instead of trying to avoid my reflection, I decided to make it a part of the picture.

I can’t really call this an Instant photo, because I used two different cameras to take it.  First my Lomo’Instant Camera then, my iPhone camera.

I had another photo similar to this one where my reflection had a more menacing feeling.  But I like the feeling of this one better.  It is as if I’m watching over myself.

Dirty Dishes, The First Photo With My Lomo’Instant Camera

Dirty Dishes taken with the Lomo’Instant Camera

The camera has been sitting the box on the dining room table for a few weeks.  Jon said he couldn’t resist buying it for me even though, a couple of weeks before, he bought me the Fuji Instax Instant camera.

“It was on sale,” he told me, ” from Lomography, only $60″.  “It’s completely different from the Instax and comes with three different lenses.”

I opened the box when Jon first gave it to me, but it was so complicated, so many different buttons and levers, so many options,  I left it on the table till last night.

The reason I finally took the camera out of the box were the dished piled up in the sink.

I knew they would make a good photo.  But not with my iPhone.  It was the kind of picture that needed an instant camera.

I took four photos of the dishes in the sink before got one I liked.  And at the time I wasn’t really sure which one that was.

I sometimes have an idea of what I expect a picture to look like when I take it.  And when that doesn’t happen I need time and space away from the picture so I can actually see the pictures I have taken free of my expectations.

Only then do I know which photos are good and which aren’t.

I took about 10 pictures between last night and this morning.  I don’t feel like I’m any closer to knowing how to use the camera.  But I know I can only learn by using it.  I’ve never been about to  retain information from any instruction manual by just reading it.

It will be  experience that teaches me to use my new Lomo’Instant Camera.  And now that I’ve gotten over my initial  fear of using it, I can begin learning.

Bedlam Farm Wool, Coming This Friday


I’ll be picking up my latest batch of Bedlam Farm Wool this Friday and probably putting it up of sale in my Etsy Shop the following week.

Since I don’t remember the colors I had it dyed, I can’t wait to see what it all looks like.

I won’t have as much wool as I did in the fall, but I’m glad Deb at The Vermont Fiber Mill got it done so quickly.  Wool is more appealing in the winter than it is in the spring.


If You’re Looking For A Potholder…..

All the Potholders for sale in my Etsy Shop

There’s Chicken’s and Sunbursts and Embroidered Flowers and Patchwork.   These are the Potholders now for sale in my Etsy Shop.

They are $15-$17 each and now shipping is $5 no matter how many you buy.  Also, each order comes with one of my Goddess Bookmarks.

I’ve been adjusting and readjusting my shipping prices.  Now that I’m using Etsy shipping it’s less expensive than the postoffice.  And more and more people have the expectation of free or inexpensive shipping.  So I’ve decided there will be flat rate shipping on my potholders of $5.

I’ve never done this before, so if for some reason it’s not working right, and you were charged more for shipping than you should have been,  please let me know.

You can see and buy my potholders  by clicking on the Shop Etsy button below.

Full Moon Fiber Art Etsy Store

I Heard Singing In The Woods

One of those natural occurrences that on first glance looks man-made

Six inches of water rushed over the Gulley Bridge.   I hasn’t rained a lot recently and it hasn’t been warm enough for a melt, so I didn’t expect all that water.

I only had time for a half hour walk, so I decided to use the neighbors bridge.  But I’d have to climb over the fence and Fate couldn’t follow me.  The sheep were in the pasture and she was busy watching them, so I left her and went into the woods alone.

Over the fence and across the small wooden bridge, I climbed up the hill through the tangles of Japanese Honeysuckle.

Then I stopped at the big pine.

My mind had been restless all day.  Anxiety spinning it in circles.  There was just enough room for me to squat between the roots of the big pine.  I leaned my back against the trunk.  I couldn’t have been more comfortable if I was sitting in a big stuffed chair.

And, somehow, I wasn’t cold.  The temperature was in the teens the last time I looked, but embraced by the roots and trunk, I was warm.

I watched the sun moving thought the trees, throwing shadow and light on the stone wall even further up the hill.  I could hear the distant whoosh of a car on Route 22 and the almost imperceptible drone of an invisible airplane.

And then I heard singing.

There were many voices, a chorus of people singing.  I could hear their voices, but not their words.  I got the feeling that the people were walking as they were singing.  I imaged a group of ten or twenty people walking through the woods singing.  As if the singing and the walking were both necessary for the other.

But I didn’t believe my ears.

I thought of Rip Van Winkle and fairies.  Maybe it was the music  from the radio of a passing car, maybe  the sound of the plane filtering through the bare branches sounded like singing.

But I knew none of those things made any more sense than what I was hearing.

It probably didn’t even last a whole minute, and then the singing was gone.  I sat for a while longer, silent, listening, watching.

When I began to feel the chill that I should have felt all along, I got up to go back home.

Down the hill, across the bridge, and over the fence into the back pasture.  The sheep were still there and so was Fate, looking at me as if I had never left.  Begging me to tell her to “get the sheep”.

I don’t know where the singing I heard came from, but I don’t doubt I heard it.

I suppose it could have been similar to how sometime I see something in nature that looks man-made, but when I get closer to it, I can see it’s a natural occurrence.  Maybe there are sounds in nature that can fool my ears into thinking it’s people singing in the same way.

That actually makes more sense to me than anything else I can think of.



Socrates IV And His New Friend Junior

Socrates IV and Junior

The day my Mystery Snail, Socrates III died, another Mystery Snail was delivered to our home.

Jon had ordered the new  Mystery Snail a few days before, assuming that Socrates III was indeed dead.  It just happened by chance that he arrived on the same day, but it feels like an affirmation.

I’ve been trying to get a picture of our new Socrates,  but he’s been laying low, until today.  This morning he was all the way at the top of the tank, resting on the back wall.

I don’t know if Junior was just trying to get from one place to another and Socrates was in the way, or if he was welcoming him to the tank.

But there was Junior on Socrates back.

I you look closely you can see Juniors antenna and his tail.  He’s still small, but he’s growing.  Sometimes I don’t see Junior for days, then he just appears a little bigger each time.

I hope Socrates IV is happy in his new home.  I know I’m happy to have him here.

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