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Fate And Zinnia, Sometime Friends


Fate and Zinnia exploring the little stream behind the farm.

Out in the woods, Fate and Zinnia have a differnet relationship than they do in the house or around the sheep.

Fate has little tolerance for Zinnia when we’re at home, but when we go for a walk, they stick together. And Fate doesn’t seem annoyed by Zinnia like she so often is.

I don’t know why the relationship changes.  Maybe it’s because Fate is away from her work.  When we’re in the woods walking there’s no sheep around to hold her attention.

“I Belong To Me”, My Third Collage

I continued working on my third collage today. I wanted to experiment with the idea of a repeated image.  I used the images from my shadow photos of me and the sheep that I took last week.

I was thinking of a reddish-orange background….

And at the same time I worked on that I started to fill in the images of the woman. Right now it’s reminds me a little too much of the cover of a dress pattern.  I don’t mind that connection, I actually like it, but I don’t want it to overpower the piece.

It’s the first one I have a name for.  It’s called “I Belong To Me“.

This is as far as I got today. It got to the point where I couldn’t see it clearly anymore, so I knew it was time to stop.

One of the shadow photos I used for an image in the collage

Over The Gulley Bridge

The grasses are growing up on the way to the Gulley Bridge. If I don’t cut them soon, they’ll fill in the narrow footpath and be way over my head. This time of year I like to be able to go to the small stream and put my feet in the water.

Usually,  Fate and Zinnia like to cool off in it too. But today Fate just wanted to get back to the sheep and Zinnia wanted to be with Fate.

Little Red Doilies

The little doilies were sent to me in a flat white box.  So many of them in varying sizes and designs.  I kept them in the box on my desk because they seemed so special to me.  Like I know I’ll be able to use them but have no idea how just yet.

Then there was the  Tupperware container of red dye that I kept after using it to dye the lace for my Three Graces fabric painting.  Every morning I’d move it from its place on top of the cat food container to the top of the washing machine and back again.  I knew I wanted to use it before I dropped it and it spilled all over the place giving the floor a permanent pink hue.

It wasn’t a stretch of the imagination to dye the doilies red.  They were practically begging me to do it.

So I finally did.

I still don’t know how I’ll use them.  But I’m one step closer to finding out.

Buds Work

It was cooler today and Bud spent the afternoon just outside my studio door.

For some reason, he gave up obsessing on the old stone foundation of my studio, where he caught a chipmunk last week and has moved to staring in the direction of the chicken coop.

It seems a little crazy because he’ll never be able to get what he’s obsessing on since it’s on the other side of the fence.

But I get being obsessed.  It happens all the time between me and my work.  And since Boston Terriers were bred to hunt rats, It’s Buds work too.

One At A Time Potholders

Today’s Potholders

I rummaged through the fabric scraps that Karen sent me looking for just one that captured my attention.  It’s how I began making each potholder today, searching for the beginning.

I haven’t given up on making collage or my artist residency.  But today I just felt like doing some sewing.

I guess I wanted something familiar.

It made me think of the time I was in therapy and was remembering some difficult childhood events.  At one point I just stopped and instead told my therapist, Selma, about the big Victorian house that I sometimes went to in my mind.  “Ah”, she said,  “your safe place.  It’s good you have a place to go when you need to.”

My artist residency is by no means a trauma, but it felt grounding to design some potholders today.

I wondered if it would feel different if my potholders would look different after working for over a week on something I’d never done before.  But I can’t really tell if the collage has changed the way I sew in any way.

I do believe that whatever I do eeks its way into my work over time,  in one way or another.

The thing that I have noticed is that I feel less anxious about my work.  Less anxious about having enough time to get it done (often an issue with me) and less anxious about whether or not I’ll sell it.

I don’t know if that will last, but at least I know what it feels like and it’s possible to achieve.

Fanny And Lulu Shedding Out

Lulu and Fanny grazing this morning.

Lulu and Fanny have just begun shedding.  Today when I brushed them clumps of hair came off in the brush.  It takes a while for them to completely shed out.

When they do their bangs will be gone and their hair will be slick and tight against their bodies.  I always forget how different they look in the summer.  But it’s one of those gradual processes like watching the grass grow.

Fanny sheds out quicker than Lulu.  By the time Lulu gets rid of her winter hair it’s almost time for her to grow it back again.

Leopard Frog In The Yarrow

Jon was outside watering the gardens this morning when he called to me.  “I  think you’re going to want to see this”, he said.

And he was so right.

Just outside the back door a nice sized Leopard frog hopped into the yarrow growing next to the Bilco door. I was surprised to see a frog so far away from the marsh but read that they are often leave water and are found in meadows.

We used to have a toad that lived in my Back Porch Garden, but I didn’t see him last year.  Maybe he’ll be back again.  I don’t expect that the Leopard Frog will hang around.

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