Maria Wulf Full Moon Fiber Art

If I Were A Painter

I should have been working on finishing off my potholders today, but when I got in my studio, all I could think of was the piece I started yesterday.

I didn’t even turn on my computer till after dinner.  By the time I left my studio, it had grown.  I hung it on the wall and thought if I were a painter, this is the kind of painting I would make.

I’m not sure what comes next, or what direction it will go in, but I know now that I’ll keep working on it.

My Heron Poster In A Frame

Kathye sent me this picture of my Heron poster that she had framed at The Image Loft in Manchester Vermont.

Jon and I have known Carolyn who owns the Image Loft for years, so it was nice to get a “hello” from her in Kathye’s email along with getting to see how the poster turned out. I love that little hint of orange on the inside edge of the frame.

I always enjoy seeing how people choose to hang my art, whether framed or not.

Sewing Away Anxiety

I had a half hour before I had to get ready to leave for my Bellydancing class.  I couldn’t even imagine making another potholder, but I still wanted to sew.

I’d been feeling anxious all day, even after meditating a couple of times.  Sewing can focus me at such times, making me forget the jittery feeling going on under my skin.  So I picked up some of the scraps on my floor and started sewing.

If I didn’t have Bellydancing class, which I know will also help calm my anxiety, I’d have been content to stay in my studio for hours adding onto this piece.

I have no idea if it will become something other than what it is.  I wasn’t thinking about that while I was sewing, I wasn’t thinking about anything but what I was sewing.  That’s where so much the joy of it came from.

November Is Here


The crabapple tree, Constance and Kim

Finally,  November has arrived.  The cloud-covered skies keep the sun from peeking through even for a moment.   The fires in the wood stoves can’t keep me from feeling the cold in my bones. It started raining here after I fed the animals, the bare tree branches shivering in the wind.

Buds Nap

Bud jumped on Jon’s lap, getting settled for a nap when he heard the horse and cart pass the house.  His ears perked up until he could no longer hear them.

Then he yawned and …

Full Moon Fiber Art