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My Imaginary Friend Postcards For Sale

The Queen And Her Throne (my grown up imaginary friend) Postcard.  For sale in my Etsy Shop.

Sometimes after work at night, I sit in the living room, or even in bed and make a postcard drawing.

A few weeks ago I was reading when a image of a girl sitting on a couch came to me.  After drawing her, I realized she was the imaginary friend I had when I was a kid.

I first saw my imaginary friend  on the faux marble tile in my bathroom. Then she moved into a birdcage under my neighbor’s stoop. She’s grown up some and now she seems at home in my postcards.

I have a few postcards with drawings of my imaginary friend on them for sale in my Etsy Shop.  I also put some Still Life’s and Goddess postcards for sale too.  There are 11 in all, each one is an original drawing.  They are $10 each with free shipping.

You can see and read about them all in my Etsy Shop.  And you can get there by clicking on the Shop Etsy Button below.

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My Postcards for Sale in my Etsy Shop


Junior is Back


I thought our baby snail Junior (Jon came up with his name, which suits him perfectly) had found his grave in the watery depths of our fish tank.

After appearing every day on a leaf or the side of the fish tank, we didn’t see him for a week.   We have so many plants and places for the snails to hide, especially a snail as small as he is, it’s not unusual for me not to have seen him for a while.  And sometimes snails go dormant too.  Laying low in their shells for a week or so.

But I was thinking the worse, I guess because there’s a good chance a snail so small wouldn’t survive.

Then, this afternoon, there he was, sliming up the bubble tube, eating the algae off it.  And he grew.  For the first time I could see the snail under the shell.  His tiny tail,  minuscule antenna, and the front of  his foot, which takes up the whole bottom of the snail.

The website Snail World describes the snails foot this way:

“[The Snail] lacks legs but moves thanks to a “muscular ventral foot.” The foot has a wave-shaped movement produced by muscular contractions that make the snail “glide” while the foot secretes a slippery mucus that reduces the friction on the surface in which it moves. This mucus is the “trace” that the mollusk [leaves ]on the ground as it moves.”

Junior certain does look more and more like Socrates offspring, even though Socrates needs a mate to reproduce. I’m now convinced his egg came in on one of the plants.  Hopefully he’ll grow to be a big and beautiful Mystery Snail like Socrates.

Socrates contorts himself into the most beautiful shapes.

Textbook Dog Training

Bud and Fate, resting after an exhausting day of playing.

Every once in a while, Bud still has an accident in the house.  Although I’m not completely convinced it’s an accident, mostly because it’s alway in the bathroom.

We’ve never caught him in the act.  Another reason I think he may be outsmarting us.

Until today.

Just a few minutes ago, as I was waiting for the tea water to boil, I saw Bud wander into the bathroom.  It’s been cold and nasty all  afternoon.  Hail and sleet cover the ground, not Bud’s favorite weather conditions.  When I looked in on Bud in the bathroom, he immediately ran out.

But then he went back in again, and this time I was more sneaky.  I peeked around the door jamb and watched him circle around.  As soon as he started to squat, I gave him the dreaded “eah-eah-eah”  that I learned from Red’s rescuer and Fate’s breeder, Karen Thompson.

Bud stopped in mid squat.  “Come on Bud, let’s go out,” I said like it was the most fun we could ever possibly have.   He ran out the back door and I watched as he circled.  The moment he pooped, I yelled out gleefully,   “Good get busy, good get busy!”.

I continued to praise him as he ran back into the warm house.

I’ve been listening to Jon talk about training dogs for a long time.  And I have to say, according to what I’ve heard him say, this was perfect textbook training.

Now we’ll have to see if Bud learned anything from this single incident  of perfect training.  And what exactly he did learn.  Either not to poop in the house or not to get caught.


Full Of Feeling


Instamatic Camera’s have come back because digital photography is often too so sharp and crisp, it’s almost super real.  The beauty of the Instax is the soft and gritty feeling of it.

I took this picture with my Fuji Instax a few days ago.   It captures the dreary grays and browns of winter but also the feeling of finding comfort in the cold.  The browns and grays are warm.

And as seems to happen in some instax photos,  the inanimate objects, the window behind Minnie, the milkcan and part of the woodbox next to her, seem to come alive.  As if infused with an animate spirit.

Full of feeling, is what I think when I look at this photo.


A New Batch Of Sunburst Potholders On The Way

Despite my sewing machine giving me so much trouble, I was able to design ten new Sunburst Potholders today.  I hope to finish them up early next week, before bringing my machine to the be repaired.

Or maybe I’ll try my old machine again and see if I can get that working.  Makes me wish I already fixed it.

Either way, I know next week, being the week before Christmas, won’t be the best week for selling Potholders.  But I’ll be happy to have my Etsy Shop restocked.

Too Many Threads

My sewing machine was giving me a hard time today.

There’s a vacuum shop that also fixes sewing machines about an hour away in Glens Falls.  I’ll bring it there next week.  I think it may just need to be cleaned, but both the automatic threader and thread cutter aren’t working, so I’ll have those looked at too.

I’ve been doing without them for a while, so I’ll really appreciate it if they can be fixed.

The problem with my machine meant there were more than usual, extra long treads, all over my studio.  I was covered in them and I can only imagine that the green thread hanging from Fate’s  nose, got there when I tossed it onto the floor and it landed on her instead.


Liam At The Gate, Instax

My latest Instax photo.  That’s Liam and his mom Suzy, next to him.

I think Liam’s alert expression grabbed me, then the three sheep in the background, Kim, Biddy and Zelda, each framed in a rectangle of gate pulled my eye back, giving the photo a sense of urgency or anticipation.

The framing of the three sheep was luck.  The urgency was them wanting for their morning hay.

“Dragon” My New Quilt For Sale


To me, the dragon is both the protector and something to be slain.

Still when I face a personal issue I want to overcome, I think of me climbing up the rocky hillside and entering the dragons cave to slay it.  And yet, the dragon in my mind is also the gargoyle on the church keeping evil away.

I was creating this quilt as I was coming to understand the importance of bringing feeling and joy to my bellydancing.  Coming to the realization that I was focusing only on technique and had left emotion out of my dance.

Feeling safe (protected) in my Bellydancing class and in my life at home, helped me to face the old fears of ridicule and mistrust  that performing brought up in me.

Looking at Dragon, now that it’s finished, I can see it embodies this idea of having a safe place to work out old fears and issues.

The quilt as protective cloak, working its transformative magic.

Dragon is 78″x81″ and is $400 + $20 Shipping.  It’s for sale in my Etsy Shop.  Click here to get there. 

The back of Dragon
Detail from Dragon

My New Business Cards And Bookmarks

My new business card

Sara Kelly just sent me the final proofs for my new business card and bookmark.

This will be the fourth time I’ve changed my business card since starting my business.  My first card was something I created and  Xeroxed.  I can only vaguely remember what it looked like.  Each card has felt just right for me in its time.

My new Bookmark

The idea to make a bookmark came from having my Etsy Shop.

Since I started my shop at the beginning of the year, I’ve been printing out copies of each order and including it in with my packages.  I was also making a copy for my own files.  It dawned on me a few weeks ago that I probably don’t have to do that.  So I checked with my bookkeeper Anne and she told me I didn’t need paper receipts from Etsy.  At the same time I became aware that when I bought something from Etsy, I never received a paper receipt.

I like to put a little thank you note  in the package I mail out.   For each new customer I included one of my Show Your Soul postcards.  For repeat customers I used to just write a “thank you” on the paper receipt I included in the package.

It was the idea of not sending a paper receipt that made me think of using a bookmark as a thank you.

Business cards pile up and are thrown away.  But a bookmark can be used and at the same time  will  remind people of my website, blog and Etsy Shop.

When I thought of making a bookmark, the first image that come to mind was the goddess from my Fabric Painting, “No One Has To Die For Me To Be Free”.

I put my order in for both with Brad at A&M Printers in town.  I know it’s a busy time of year, but I hope to get them soon.


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