Wearing My Bellydancing Headscarf

I asked Jon to take a picture of me with the headscarf that I made.  He was happy to do it. I already added another small piece to it after I saw the picture.  Also plan on trying to put some Zinnia’s on it too.  But that will have to wait till Thursday, the evening of the performance.

I’ll also tie a ribbon around my little ponytail.

We will perform this Thursday, August 25th at the Bennington Museum. We’re part of the 25-year celebration of the North Bennington Outdoor Sculpture Show (NBOSS).  We’ll be dancing two 15-minute performances at 5:30 and 6:30.   Click here for more info or email me at fullmoonfiberart.com.

12 thoughts on “Wearing My Bellydancing Headscarf

  1. You are always so awesome to me! Bellydancing and amazing costumes and head scarf….hope you post some performance video! inspirational you are!❤️

  2. You look beautiful in your scarf. It is a colorful piece of art that exudes joy! Can’t wait to see pictures of your performance and I am so happy you are feeling better!

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