Bellydancing At The McCullough Library

That’s us, the Bennington Beledi Bellydancers at the McCullough Library before our performance.

Below is a link to a video of us dancing.  I can’t post it on my blog because of rights concerning the music but you can click on the link and see it.

It was too hot (in the 90’s) for Jon to come to watch and take pictures. We danced on the library lawn and there was no shade even for the audience.

But the Librarian had a cooler of cold water and we just sweat through it. As we danced we all, at least once, stumbled in a hole in the lawn. Even as we tried to avoid it.

But no one complained or thought about not dancing.  Afterwards my friend Kat (one of the original Bellydancers) said I was building a library of stories about different gigs. I’ll be saying “remember the hole in the lawn”.

I’ve performed four times in the six years I’ve been bellydancing and as Kat says I can remember something special about  each one.

After  dancing two 15minute sets Julz asked the audience to come dance with us.  Both women and men joined in as Julz led us through two slow songs.

Who knows,  maybe some of them will show up in our next class.

I was even more relaxed and confident yesterday than at our performance the week before. Driving to the Library I wasn’t even nervous. Which made me wonder if something was wrong. Or that I’d jinx myself for being too confident.

I definitely made mistakes. I started one move on the wrong beat and made a mess of it. But I smiled through the whole thing sorry mostly to have thrown off my dance partner.

I’m not sure when our next performance will be. But I feel like I learned so much from how to put on makeup to smiling to finding my confidence in the last few weeks.

Makes me think I’ll do better in class too. That my new found confidence will stay with me.

Walking to the Library to dance
Walking down Main Street to the Library

6 thoughts on “Bellydancing At The McCullough Library

    1. It’s a sash Kim. Thanks for noticing. And Trish one of my fellow dancers made it. She made one for all of us (in “our” colors) during covid. I love it too!

  1. Wow, gorgeous! And look at that, Maria right up front confident and graceful! Loveitloveitloveit! ❤️

  2. oh wow 4 plus minutes, have watched it several times and sent the link out to friends. Library: fix that hole!

    1. Thanks Sharon. I don’t think the hole usually matters much to the library, They probably don’t have many dancers on their lawn. 🙂

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