The Path To And From The Woods

In the past, when I mowed the path to the woods in the spring I was able to walk on it all summer. But this year we had so much rain everything grew lush and quickly.  I knew the Gulley Bridge had fallen in one of the rainstorms, but I had the urge to walk in the Orphaned Woods.

So I put on my muck boots ready to walk through the stream.

But it was the tall grasses and wildflowers that were more prohibitive than the water.  There were no ticks so it was only a matter of pushing through the wild-ness.  Most of the grasses and flowers were taller than me.

Once we got into the woods it was easier walking.

The last time I saw the Gulley Bridge, there was so much water I didn’t know if the wood was washed away or just not visible.  I have plans to fix it with a couple of cinder blocks, a ceramic chimney tile, and two long 2×6’s.

I’ll wait till some of the vegetation dies back so it will be easier to do.

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