My Search For A Fiber Mill To Process My Wool

Constance, Suzy, Robin and Lori grazing in the back pasture.  You can see the farmhouse, my studio and the barn in the distance

Yesterday I spoke to people from two fiber mills.  David at the Green Mountain Spinnery, in Putney Vermont and Lewis who owns  Nobletown Fiber Works in Hillsdale NY.

I had no idea until talking to them that there were different kinds of wool processing.  It’s possible that the mill in Putney wouldn’t even be able to process the wool from my Romneys.  I’d have to bring them a sample to be sure.  They also process roving in a way that I don’t believe I could use to make dryer balls.

I’m still a bit vague on the details, but right now I’m planning on using Nobletown Fiber Works because they would be able to create the same type of wool and roving I’ve been getting from the Vermont Fiber Mill.

The only thing they don’t do is dye wool.

But I’ve been talking to a friend who also has sheep and we’ve been planning on experimenting with dying our own wool.  So that may be an option.

Nobletown Fiber Works has only been in business for a couple of years.  I still have to check on their pricing and I want to visit the mill too.  It will be a fun day trip for Jon and me.  I may visit the mill in Putney too, just to see what they do.

With the loss of The Vermont Fiber Mill there will be some changes to my wool.  But I want to be as consistent as possible.  But I’m also not opposed to some change, it can be exciting and be the beginning of something new.

2 thoughts on “My Search For A Fiber Mill To Process My Wool

  1. I love how you embrace change, Maria. I am sure the wool will be as splendid as always. Best regards to you, Jon, and the animals.

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