Notes From The Winter Woods

The snow is so thick and heavy that the woods are all arches and gates.

The low bushes reach across the path towards each other.  I push the branches aside, and pass through them, snow clinging to my coat and pants, falling into my boots.   They close behind me.

One of the pine trees I planted two years ago is bent so the top of it touches the ground.  I release it, brushing off three inches of  piled snow and it bounces up and down and up again.

Young bones.

6 thoughts on “Notes From The Winter Woods

  1. Great photo of Fate blending in with the black and white woods, with the faint misty-cold blue way off in the background on the right. It looks like it feels cold!

  2. Ah I see you made it to the magical woods. My two recently planted red cedars needed to be released from their snow burdens, wish they had bounced back more.

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