Zilling Above The Beat

Zills are the little cymbals we wear on our fingers and play to the beat of the song we are dancing to.

It’s dark, but the clear sky is filled with stars and a sliver of moon, which makes it easier to see. I’m driving home from belly dancing class listening to Salio El Sol by Don Omar.  I’m clapping  my thumb  and middle finger together as if I’m wearing Zills, my hand is above my head my wrist flicking.

I’m counting the beat.

Last week our teacher Julz talked about Zilling above the beat. She’s talked about it before but last week was first time I began to really understand what she was saying.  Then yesterday in class,  I not only grasped the idea, but was able to do it

The idea of Zilling above the beat is hard for me to explain.  I have found for me it’s more a feeling.   It’s not that I’m Zilling faster but with more snap with more energy.

In the car my my hand and wrist are is getting tired. The music starts to drag, I feel myself being lulled into a trace.  I’ve fallen not even on the beat, but below the beat.

The thing is it doesn’t feel good, my brain gets loggy, as if I’m hearing in slow motion.

But now I know why.  And I know how to get back  to that snap and spark that I feel not only in my fingers and wrist but throughout my body.  As I once again clap my fingers and count above the beat I feel my brain sharpen and the music comes alive again.

I’ve always loved this song from the first time I danced to it  it over six years ago  but I’ve never been able to Zill to it.

Now I understand why.

The interesting thing is that it’s easier to Zill above the beat.  It’s more work and takes more energy but it makes Zilling easier.  It makes keeping the beat easier, which in turn will make my dancing better.

Although I’m not sure I can Zill above the beat while dancing.  Right now it seems enough for me to do it while standing still (or driving home).  But I bet it comes quicker now than it would have a few years ago.

Zilling above the beat is like dancing with attitude.

Which is what  drew me to bellydancing to begin with.  When I saw the Benninton Beledi Bellydancers for the first time it was the attitude of the dancers as much as the dance that I wanted to experience.

So now it’s not enough for me  to dance with attitude, I’m going to learn to Zill with attitude too.

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