A visit from Mother

I left Freida in the house today because it was too hot in the studio.

This evening as I looked out my studio window I saw Mother the barn cat pounce and when she turned around she had feathers sticking out of her mouth.  She disappeared for a while (I assume to eat the bird) then came back and seemed intrigued with the mailbox which is just outside my window.    She sat on top of it and was looking around as if there was something else to eat.

Then, because Freida wasn’t there, She came to my door and meowed.  It’s been a long time since Mother came into my studio, and it was good to have her back.  Before Freida, Mother used to come to visit whenever I was in the studio.  I would feed her whatever I happened to have, muffin, cheese, bread, and she would eat it.  She would sit on the pink chair and I would read her Pablo Neruda’s  “Ode to the Cat”. 

I made this “Mother the barn cat” quilt.  I wrote the Neruda poem on fabric, cut it into strips and  used it  along with fabric that reminded me of Mother. (The pink and green accent,  her tongue and eyes)

Even though she doesn’t come to visit like she used to, I still see Mother walking past the studio every afternoon, headed into the field to do some hunting.

Here’s Mother checking out my quilt “Suburban Nature”

5 thoughts on “A visit from Mother

    1. Sorry Luanne, both quilts are sold, but thanks for asking. I’ll be putting a few more quilts up on ETSY in the next couple of weeks, so you can check them out too. Maria

  1. How wonderful to have mother come & visit you, hopefully she doesn’t bring in to many little ‘surprises’.

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