First Sponsor of Jon’s Radio Show… “Talking To Animals”

I just became the first sponsor of an hour of Jon’s Radio Show Talking to Animals.  

I handed him a check for $20 as he was walking out the door with Red on his way to WBTN in Bennington.  “Don’t forget to mention Fate” I told him,  as he got in the car.

Jon got the idea to have one time sponsors for his radio show from  Anne, a reader on his blog.  I think it’s a great idea and am proud to be the first sponsor.

You can listen to Talking to Animals on your phone or computer here.  It from 1-3pm and you can also call in and ask Jon any animals question.

Click here to read more about sponsoring Talking to Animals.

Thirty Second Soap Bubble Meditation

After washing the dishes, I came back to the sink and saw that this tiny soap bubble that landed on the fine hairs of the African Violet leaf on the windowsill above the sink.

As I looked at the soap bubble, I saw it kept changing, the light spinning round and round on the edge of the bubble.


Breakfast and Books

We’re off early this morning to have breakfast with Jon’s editor, Rosemary.

We have three books to bring to her, Priestdaddy, by Patricia Lockwood, Your Duck is My Duck, by Deborah Eisenberg and Fruit of the Drunken Tree by Ingrid Rojas Contreras.

Three very different books, all very well written with thoughtful and engaging stories.  (Eisenberg’s are short stories).

Every since I’ve known Jon he’s been buying me books.  It’s one of the things I don’t complain about that he buys me.  It’s just another way that shows how well he knows me, knowing what  I like to read.  He almost always gets it right. But if a book is unreadable to me, I usually find someone to give it to or put it in our Little Free Library.

After reading books I almost always give them away.  I only have kept a few.  Biographys mostly, of people I  have come to love through reading their books or  about them. Three come to mind, Shirley Jackson, Alexander Von Humbolt and Oliver Sacks.  

Okay, off to feed the animals, then ourselves…..

The Corkscrew Woman

Corkscrew Woman

I guess it’s why I focused in sculpture in  art school.  I have this tendency to take what’s in front of me and arrange it, often using balance and gravity in the process.

The other night we had our friend Susan over for dinner and while sitting around the table, drinking  two glasses of wine I came up with The Corkscrew Woman.

On The Way To Vote

On the way to vote.

The unpaved parking lot was full at the Jackson Town Hall were Jon and I go to vote.

The Town Hall is a small building, it used to be a one room school house and there was a line when we got there.  That’s unusual for in our small town.

One of the women helping people feed their  paper ballots in to voting machine said she hadn’t had a chance to eat the breakfast she brought with her, people were lining up  to vote since 6am.

I wished I could help out, and give her a chance to have something to eat.   It makes me want  to volunteer to man the polls for the next election.

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