My Day Outside The Studio


I sometimes take Fate to the Post Office with me, but not usually on longer rides like we went on today.

Although I turned on the heat in my studio as soon as I got up today so it could warm up, I never got there .

I started the day by calling my new health insurance company to give them the name of my primary care physician.  The call took much longer than I ever could have imagined, mostly because I’m fortunate enough not to have been to a doctor since getting some vaccinations I needed for my trip to India in 2017.

I won’t go into the tedious details, but I kept in mind Jon’s idea of  “dealing with bureaucracies as a spiritual challenge”.

Every time I felt myself getting angry, I took a breath and tried to change the tone of my voice to a neutral one.   And it worked.  Without getting angry, I eventually  was able to voice my complaints and  have a useful conversation with a woman at my health insurance provider who actually seemed to care.

That took up my morning and zapped any creative energy I had.   But it set the tone for the rest of my day.

I was determined to repeat the best part of the mornings experience.

Since I was already in the “dealing with bureaucracies as a spiritual challenge” state of mind, I decided it was a good day to get my driver’s license renewed.

Getting a the new “Enhanced” license which  New York State residents will need to fly domestically starting in 2020, requires that you show up in person at the DMV with many different types of identification.

The Sewing machine repair shop is just about 10 minutes from the DMV, so I told Fate that we wouldn’t be going for a walk today and loaded my 25-year-old broken Singer Sewing Machine in my car and asked Fate is she wanted to go for a ride.

Good sport that she is, Fate jumped in my car and off we went.

No matter what happens at the Washington County DMV it’s never as bad as my first experiences of going to the DMV on Long Island, where I lived when I first started to drive.  Still, I prepared myself for not having everything I needed even though I spent a good amount of time reading and rereading the guidelines online and gathering documents.

Either my “spiritual challenge” mindset worked or I got lucky.  But it took me less time to renew my drivers license than to give my health insurance provider the name of my primary care physician.

The thought of being without a sewing machine if my Viking needs to be cleaned or repaired, inspired me to try and fix my old Singer.  That and also because I couldn’t bring my self to just take it to the dump.  I might be able to buy a new sewing machine for the price it takes to fix it, but I doubt it would be as good as this old one.

So I dropped it off at Charlies Vacuum Repair (they also fix sewing machines) in Glens Falls  and headed home. It was another pleasant experience.

Fate  expressed her anal glands in my car on the ride home, maybe as a kind of revenge for having to sit in the car for so long.   I did make sure she got to have a good run around the sheep after feeding time.

We got a big package of Jon’s latest photos in the mail yesterday.   So tonight I’ll get them ready for the postoffice for tomorrow’s mail.

Then in the morning I’ll be back in my studio again, I’m determined to get Wendy’s Migration quilt done and in the mail by the end of the week.

Charlies Vacuum Repair.



Making Potholders


Potholders I designed using embroidered linens and hankies.

While I was looking for a piece of white fabric a week or so ago, I came across some of the embroidered linens and hankies that I had.   I pulled a few out that I thought I could use to make potholders.

I designed some of them today along with more Hen and Rooster Potholders.  I want to finish  working on Wendy’s quilt so I probably won’t have these all done till the end of this week or the beginning of next.  When I do I’ll put them in my Etsy Shop.

The Hen and Rooster Potholders I designed  today.



The Gift of Art, From Fanny and Lulu

The donkeys were doing it again last night, putting their heads together, as Karla commented, contemplating how to best rearrange the tub, mineral bock, ball and cone.  Their creative tools.

I saw it as a Christmas gift.

They were in  a single line this time, one object after another, it’s the spacing that counts. I don’t imagine they’re thinking about the shadows cast from the winter sun and wooden fence,  but it certainly adds to the drama of the composition.

I’m Dancing

Jon leaned over to me and said,  “This is who you are.”   I looked up and saw Callie leading a triplet with Jackie and Emily.  Reflected in them I saw myself. My eyes welled up with tears.

How can it be?

I know I can’t dance, I know I can even clap to a beat.  Even when I was actually dancing I didn’t really believe it.  When Kathleen told me I was ready to do a slow dance at the Open House in October, I didn’t even have to think about it, my “no” came quick.  When Julz told me I had learned so much in the past year, I only kind of believed her.

It felt good to dance at the Hafla.  I danced my slow and fast dance with Julz and Kathleen, I danced with Kitty and  then we all danced together.  I watched a lot of dancing too.  I liked being there, getting to talk to everyone and share  the food.

But I didn’t know that I could dance until I saw the video that Jon took of me and Julz and Kathleen dancing.  When I watched it, I could see so many of the things I did wrong, but I could also see that I was dancing.  I was better  than I imagined and I could see I know more than I thought I did.

I’m still a bit stunned by it all, but last night, I felt something shift inside of me.

I had a feeling of belonging and a shared commitment.  The women I dance with are serious about dancing.  Dedicated.  But it’s not their whole lives.  They all have families, small children or grandchildren, jobs, their own businesses,  but it’s an important part of their lives.  And we’re in it together because ATS is not about dancing alone.  It’s about dancing with each other.

When we start the new class in January, I’ll be staying a half hour longer, for part of the level 2 Class.  I’ll be learning new moves while I continue  to improve the ones I already know.  I’m ready for it.  I’m committed.  I’m no longer just learning, I’m dancing.



Bud and Jon

Bud watching Jon out my studio window

Fate knows Jon’s ringtone on my phone.  She gets up and goes to the door when ever he calls or sends a text.  Bud doesn’t get that connection yet.  But he does know when Jon comes home and gets excited to see him, in a way none of our other dogs do.

Bud heard Jon pull into the driveway, and was at my studio window.  He started whining when he saw Jon walk over the barn and back to the house.

I think Bud  would  prefer to be with Jon if he had the choice.   They have their routines together that I’m not a part of.  Bud spends his days in the house with Jon and Red, when I’m in my studio.  It’s only when Jon goes out that Bud comes into my studio.

So Bud was happy to see Jon come home today.  I was too.  That’s something Bud and I share.

Full Moon Fiber Art