Retaking My Creative Vows

My New Work Table ready to use.

I sprayed lavender water on my new Work Table to help iron out the creases. It’s in place and ready to use.

With all the new creative things happening with and around me, I feel like I’m retaking my creative vows.

Not that I have any doubts about how I want to spend my time.  But sometimes I do get down on myself for not making a lot of money or not having the kind of work that has sick days and paid vacations, or health insurance.  As if it’s a reflection on how responsible a person I am.

The idea of making a living as an artist is a relatively new one for me even though I’ve been doing it for almost 10 years. It’s good I live with someone who had been living the creative life for so long. Jon is quick to remind me that this life is my choice along with the ups and downs that go with it.

I have not entered this life blindly, I am truly grateful for it.

Grateful that I can spend my days in my own company, creating what I choose and sell it so easily right from my home.

The need to make a living actually helps keep me creative.  If I didn’t need the money I might spend more time being less creative.  Have more time to worry instead of work.

The idea of  retaking my creative vows focusing around a new work table or an event is a nice one.  And I believe in marking important events.

But I actually believe I retake my creative vows every time I sit down at my sewing machine to work.   Each time I take a picture to post on my blog, or write a piece on my blog that has meaning.  I’m doing it when I figure out a new way to sell my art that makes it better or easier for me and the person buying it.

My new Work Table is great, but useless if I don’t use it.

Every night when I leave my studio I  bow to it and thank it.  Every morning when I walk into my studio,  I’m rededicating myself to my work, simply by doing it.

My New Work Table Arrives….

Ray bringing my work table to my studio

We were eating breakfast when Ray called. “I have your table” he said,  “I can bring it over in a  little while.”

I couldn’t believe it. “Already, are you sure” I asked.   “Thank you! Thank you!”

Getting this table, made exactly the way I want it,  is more than just getting a worktable for me. Like my new blog, it’s an affirmation of my work, of my commitment to it.  It’s me believing that I deserve to have a work tool that  suits my needs.  I

With most things I make-do.

I buy what’s available, second hand and cheap. Part of that’s my belief in using what is already in the world and keeping consumption and waste at a minimum.  But part of it is has to do my feelings of  self-worth.

I may have dreamed of having a custom table just the right size and height for me, but I never really thought it possible. I thought it would cost too much money, and that I didn’t really need it, I could work with what I had.

But when the legs on the table I had broke and  Jon suggested I ask Ray to make one, I could actually see it. It became a real possibility.

I told Ray just what I wanted.

A rough plywood top(I’ll be covering it with batting and canvas) and four separate legs so I can move the table into my studio (my doorway is very narrow) and store fabric bins under it.

I could tell Ray liked to create with wood by the fencing he put up in the Pole Barn. I expected him to use rough sawn wood for the legs.  But he was having fun making the table.  There’s a thin lip around the top edge and he even routered the edges of the table legs, giving them a finished look.

We moved the table into my studio and when Ray  gave me the bill for $118.12 I wanted to kiss him. ( I know that not politically correct and I probably shouldn’t even write it ,but it’s how I felt.  Anyway, I didn’t kiss him, I just thanked him profusely)

So now I’m going to the hardware store to see if I can find a big canvas drop cloth to cover the table with.  I have some wool that I’ll use as batting and a jar of carpet tacks that I got at Goodwill a while ago.

Then, back to work!

Ray and my Table in my studio


The Birdbath Turned To Ice

A cold sun shone this morning

Flo’s sleeping on top of the seasoned wood in the shed again.

the zinnia’s wilted in last night’s frost

the birdbath turned to ice
fallen leaves like fish in a winter’s pond.

storm windows, fires ,wool socks

long nights.

Some New Potholders In My Etsy Shop

The Hummingbird Potholder I put in m Etsy Shop today.  You can see it and all the others here. 

I put some new potholders in my Etsy Shop today, this Hummingbird Potholder is one of them.


“No One Has To Die For Me To Be Free” Notecards

I also have my new notecards for sale.  A pack of 3 – 5×7 cards for $10 including shipping.  I made these from my latest Fabric Painting “No One Has To Die For Me To Be Free”.

There are a few different ways to get to my Etsy Shop on my new Blog.

There’s a Shop Etsy button on the top of the blog on the far right. And there’s two Etsy Buttons on the bottom of the blog.  You can also just click here. 

Many Make-Overs At Full Moon Fiber Art

The very organized shelves in my Studio

Suddenly, everything’s getting a make-over.

My new blog, the very organized shelves in my studio, my new work table, the Bedlam Farm Open House.

I’m so glad so many people are loving my new blog design.  I got some help updating the photos on the bottom showing some of the work in my Etsy Shop. So I’ll be changing them as I continue  to sell my work.

Also, I want to point out the buttons on the bottom of my blog which are links to different social media.  You can click on them to get to my facebook page, Youtube, Pinterest, and my Etsy Shop.  I’ll also have a link to Instagram, I just noticed it wasn’t there.

There are still a few glitches to work out.

I no longer have my Gallery page, but I hadn’t updated it in a long time.  If you ever want to see a good sampling of my work past and present, you can look on Pinterest.  That has become my new gallery and much more.  I just put up a new Vulva page on Pinterest.  It has my Flying Vulva’s and other artists images of Vulva’s from ancient times to the present.

You can still subscribe to my blog, that’s on the bottom of the page.  And there’s a new comment box after each post.  There’s also still a search box at the top of the blog so you can look for older posts.

I no longer have a Blog Roll, but I do have links to many of the blogs that were on the Blog Roll on my “About Maria” page.  I’m sure I’ll be adding to those from time to time.

Another thing I really like is the way the words that are linked to other pages are now pink!

Well, that’s all I can think to tell you about right now.  If you have any questions, just let me know.  It’s actually easier to send me an email now.  When you click on “Contact Me” there’s a place to put your email and a box to send me a message.

As Jon mentioned on his blog, it is expensive for us both to overhaul our blogs to make them easier to read on smartphones and have a new design.  With my current  payment plan I’ll be paying it off for the next  three and half years.  So I do appreciate your support in buying my work. And hope the new blog makes it easier for all of us.




Jon and Bud, Beyond Training

It’s been kind of amazing watching Jon train Bud.  Actually, it’s a connection between them that goes way beyond any idea I’ve ever had of dog training.

When they’re working together it’s as if the space between and around them is charged. Jon exudes confidence in his ability to teach Bud what he feels is necessary for him to learn, to live on the farm.

But it’s not just Jon telling Bud what to do.  He’s also watching and listening, observing how Bud acts and reacts to his surroundings and the other animals.

Jon takes training seriously and also completely enjoys it, finds it fun and interesting.

I think what I’m seeing happening between Jon and Bud is what Jon always talks about when he refers to dog training books and videos.

So many people can give a play-by-play directive about how to make a dog sit or come.  But that’s only the skeleton of what’s really happening when working with a dog.  It’s like learning a painting technique.  Almost anyone can copy a technique, but it’s what the person puts of themselves into the painting, beyond the technique, that makes the painting art.

It’s not only Jon’s mind and experience that goes into training Bud, it’s his heart too.  And that makes all the difference.




My New Look, Simple and Direct

Minnie and Flo snuggling up

Welcome to my new blog everyone!

I’m very excited to have it up an running.  I hope you all like the new look.  I  love it’s simplicity and directness.  I like the big photos and the large type.

I still have to figure out the Etsy Link and the photos on the bottom of my page, but I’ll get to that today.

Thanks all for your continued support in reading my writing and buying my art.

My Studio Is Back

Except for the linens in the last cabinet, I refolded every piece of fabric in my studio over the past few days.

I revisited all my fabric, getting to know it again, so when I make my next piece of art, I’ll have it all in my mind, ready to access.

My shelves are so neat, I think I may be reluctant to mess them up by using them in my work.  But I know I’ll get over that soon enough,nce I get into whatever I’m doing.

When I moved my work table into the barn for the Open House, I broke off one of the legs.  It was an old formica top table, and the leg was wobbly when I got it about 4 or 5 years ago for $50.  Then, the table top warped during last years Open House when I left the table outside under a tarp and it rained during the night.

I had fixed the leg a few times, screwing it into the thin  chipboard that the table was made of.  It always squeaked and moved every time I ironed a piece of fabric on it.   But this time there was no place left to put the screws.  The chip board had disintegrated to nothing.

I easily broke the three other legs off so I could fit it in the car  to take to the dump after deciding to get a new table.

Every since seeing the movie Phantom Thread last year, I’ve had this fantasy of having a table top like the ones in the movie.  A big flat surface covered by a padded canvas fabric.  Something I can cut and iron on.  Much like the ironing board cover I made a few months ago.

Tomorrow I’ll meet with our handyman Ray and let him know what I’m looking for.  I think it would less expensive for him to make a table from a piece of ply wood and some rough sawn lumber than to buy a work table.

Until then, I’ll use my ironing board as a work table.

Tomorrow I’ll ease into working again.  By now I know it will take a day or so to get seriously working again.

It’s good to have my studio back.

Full Moon Fiber Art