Fate Still At The Gate


Fate is whining at the gate but still not allowed in the barnyard where she would be running around.  She’ll get the staples out of her foot on Friday, then we’ll see what Dr. Fariello says about running.

I have to admit I feel bad for her.  I wish I could explain why she can’t come in the barnyard or go for a walk.  But soon she’ll be healed and won’t even remember this past week.

Autumn Back Porch

It was a cold and rainy Autumn day.  I’ve taken most of the potted plants off the back porch and put them in the house.  I expect the geraniums, mum, and begonia to keep blooming, as they did last year.  I’m not sure what will happen to the petunia in the head from Provincetown.

Now the wood box has become more important.  It’s filled with kindling for the woodstoves.  Minnie seems to like to sleep in it.  Before it snows I’ll move the table and chair off the porch too.  By then the cats will probably be spending most of their time in the basement.

For now, the cats still want to be outside.  When they were younger the stayed outside all winter, now it’s up to them when they come inside.

More Of Suzy’s Hand spun and Hand knit Shawls For Sale


Suzy’s Yellow and Gray Shawl.  60″ long and 17″ from top center to bottom point.  $138 including shipping for sale in my Etsy Shop.

Suzy’s  Shawls sold quickly yesterday, but she’s been busy all year and I have two more of her shawls for sale in my Etsy Shop.

I want to share with you the comments that two people who bought Suzy’s shawls last year left on my facebook page:

“Simply gorgeous. I have two from prior Open Houses. They are truly scrumptious. I loved seeing Suzy spinning and those sweet goats. That natural color wool shawl is so intriguing with the curly locks and the vivid colors of the other is just beautifully complex and equally wonderful.”  Susan

“I totally agree with Susan’s assessment. I purchased two of Suzy’s shawls (one as a gift and one for myself) and they are beyond beautiful: gorgeous color and workmanship and the curls of sheep locks are endearing. Totally in awe of her work!”  Donna

As you can see each of Suzy’s shawls is unique.  Each it’s own combination of colors, wool, and patterns.  These two shawls are made from the same mix of mohair from Suzy’s goats, Lucy, Alice, April, Ruth, and Larry. Along with wool from other fiber artists.

Suzy’s Yellow and Gray Shawl has both natural and dyed wool in it.  Look how those yellow curly locks show up on the natural gray wool.

Yellow and Gray Shawl is 60″ long and 17″ from top center to bottom point.  It’s $138 including shipping and you can buy it here.

Yellow and Gray Shawl
The back of Yellow and Gray Shawl.


Suzy’s Purple Shawl is for sale in my Etsy Shop.

I love the way the ends of Suzy’s Purple Shawl spiral in a corkscrew and how the pink locks float on the purple ground like a sky of wispy clouds.

Suzy’s Purple Shawl is 61″ long and 20″ from the top center to the bottom point.  It’s $138 with shipping and you can buy it here.

Back of Suzy’s Purple Shawl.
Suzy Spinning her wool
Suzy’s mohair goat Lucy.

Full Moon Fiber Art Etsy Store

The Yoni Tree I Know So Well….

Yoni Tree Potholder

We have three giant maples growing on the side of the house.  The one in front of my studio has a Yoni created by the two main branches (which are as big as trees themselves) twisting themselves around each other.

Spider webs guard the Yoni opening where mushrooms and a little maple tree is growing.

I hung one of my Yoni Potholders on the scaly bark to take a picture of it.

I see that maple tree every time I walk to or from my studio, every time I look out my front window.  We know each other the way I know the crows who live around the farm.   With a familiarity that borders on the mundane, yet with a little attention, awe-inspiring.

I have a few Yoni Tree Potholders in my Etsy Shop,  each one comes with one of my Yoni Tree Pins.   Just click here to see and buy them.

My Yoni Tree Pin

Full Moon Fiber Art Etsy Store

Reusing Amazon Shipping Envelopes

Recycling Amazon Envelopes to ship my wool.

I’m always trying to figure out the best way to ship my work environmentally and financially.

We shop on Amazon a lot because we live so far away from the stores that have the things we need.  With all the packages coming into the house, I started reusing the boxes to ship my quilts and pillows.

But just yesterday, I thought to reuse the padded envelpoes too.

This is where the lint roller tape that I save really works because it covers a lot of space.  I used it along with some stickers to make the packages more recognizable as mine and less as coming from Amazon.

Even though it’s written directly on the  Amazon envelopes that they can be recycled with other #2 plastics, they really can’t be.  So this is a good way for me to reuse them before they go in the trash.

I like the way my brown paper padded envelopes look better, but not as much as I hate throwing away the plastic envelopes from Amazon.  And of course, then I save on shipping too.

My brown padded envelopes cost more to ship because they weigh more.  I’ve read in some places that the extra weight and manufacturing the paper envelopes may offset the environmental benefits of using paper over plastic.

But there’s so much conflicting information, it’s hard to know the truth.

So I’ll keep reusing the boxes and envelopes that I can and continue to try to make the best decisions about how to ship my work in ways that I can afford and are good for the environment.


Making Yoni Tree Potholders

A Yoni Tree potholder I made inspired by my walk in the woods.

I took my walk in the Yoni Woods on Monday.  On Tuesday I sat at my sewing machine trying to capture the essence of the trees I saw the day before.

I wanted to show the movement and groundedness of the trees I saw and emphasize the vulva-like shapes and vaginal-like openings.

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for womb, vulva or vagina.  All the life-creating female sex organs.  It is a symbol of the regenerative powers in nature.  And so, the regenerative powers in ourselves.

I used one of the Vintage linen napkins that Kathy sent me as a ground for my drawing.  I put a piece of solid pink fabric under it and my cotton batting under that.  Then, I stitched a tree.

I cut out the white linen from the Yoni shape revealing the pink fabric under it… …then stitched the Yoni fruit…

…and colored them in with permanent marker.  Then I added the insulated batting and backing and sewed it all together.

I made four more Yoni Trees but I haven’t sewed them all together yet.

I had the urge to make some patchwork potholders using embroidered linens and just finished those up this morning.  But I’ll get them all made into potholders and have them for sale in my Etsy Shop early next week.


A Few Hankie Flower Potholders For Sale

My Yellow Flower Hankie Potholder for sale in my Etsy Shop

I was inspired by the beautiful embroideries on some of the Vintage Hankies, that so many people have sent me,  to make some potholders using them.

I have 5 for sale in my Etsy Shop.   They’re $18 each + $5 shipping for one or more.  You can click here to buy them.

Here’s pictures of them all….

Held By The Earth

I sat in the hole I had dug, knees bent, my head resting on the top edge.  It was like being in an earthen bathtub, comforting, held by the earth.

Through grass and it’s roots, hard-packed soil, rocks, darker denser soil and more rocks I dug a grave, with Jon’s help, for Zelda.  The same kind of earth we moved for Red, only more of it.

It’s hard work and even though I’d rather not do it, it also feels good to do.  It’s a ritual of death that works for me.

It’s strange digging a grave for Zelda when she’s still alive, laying just 20 feet away.  But it’s a reality that when one of our farm animals dies, we have to be prepared to do something with the body.

Zelda, though old, is still a big and heavy animal.

If we didn’t dig a hole for her close by, we’d have to get help moving her after she was dead.  And because it takes a few hours to dig a hole, it’s best to have it ready before she dies.

When it was deep enough, I looked down into the hole and actually found it inviting.  That’s when I stepped into it and sat down.

This is what I’d like for my body when I’m dead, I thought.  A hole in the ground just big enough for me to curl up in.

It will be a good place for Zelda’s body too.

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