Grafton Inn Rm 12

There’s something about room 12 at the Grafton Inn. Jon and I have stayed in a few different rooms, but the first time we stayed in room 12 I could feel the difference as we read in the sitting room.  It felt full, as if the space was alive.  It had presence.

Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne, Kipling and lots of other writers have stayed at the Inn, so I would guess that it has always attracted creative people. We were told by the Inn keeper that room 12 was Paul Newman’s favorite.  I guess I’ll never  know what went on in room 12, but what ever it was, it still feels good.

“Bathroom with giant tub”

6 thoughts on “Grafton Inn Rm 12

  1. Lovely sketches, Maria. There is a historic house in Bedford Va., called Avenel where Robert E. Lee, and Edgar Allen Poe stayed. Poe’s imprint was left on one of the beds. No body can straighten out the top covers, ever. Legend says that is him. Then there is the White Lady, whose filmy image is seen.

    Any interesting lore about Grafton Inn? I love stuff like that, ghostly legends. But I imagine that you were feeling a certain presence, if not more than one.

  2. Hi Maria,
    I just have to pick a favorite sketch – not sure why!! Your sketches of room 12 are so charming and appealing. It’s like I’m THERE!!!! Thank you for sharing and have a relaxing weekend! Luanne

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