Christmas Mist

I was sitting inside the house all warm and sleepy when I got the urge to post a Christmas photo of the lights in the window of the studio barn. I threw on my coat and went outside and snapped a few of photos one after another. When I looked back at them, only one had this strange mist hanging over the barn. Spooked, I ran back into the house. Once inside, I told Jon I scared myself and showed him the photos looking for an explanation. There was no mist or wind, “maybe it’s your breath” he said.

I like that idea, that means I am in the picture too.

So here’s to  the mysteries in life.  Be warm and Happy Holiday.

8 thoughts on “Christmas Mist

  1. That is a cool picture. I like Jon’s explanation too. I would have never thought of that, but I’ll bet that is what it is. You and Jon have a wonderful time with family and friends today. Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi Maria, I’d like to think it’s the “Ghost of Christmas Present” come to tell you what a special Christmas this is for you this year. May good surprises abound! Suzanne

  3. I love the picture. I took one recently that turned out great. We are dogsitting for a friend, and I was taking a pic to send to him. It has a shadow of me taking the picture, totally was not planning on it turning out that way.

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