Silver Moon Adornments

When I was 16 years old, I was hanging out with my sister and a couple of friends one night, we had a few beers and pierced my ear. We used ice, a ear piercing earring, and a TV Guide. After we got the first one done I decided it was enough. Anyway, I liked having only one earring, at the time it was unusual and I felt it set me apart from everyone else. People would ask me why I had only one ear pierced and I always had a hard time explaining it, but to me it just felt right. Lately I’ve been thinking I’d like to be able to wear a pair of earrings. (“Change of Life,” Sue at the front desk of the Inn said) A long dangling earring from each ear. So today Jon and I went to Brattleboro and walked past SilverMoon Adornments, an eclectic shop that had and “Ear Piercing” sign in the window.

Patti Newton the store owner was from Lynbrook, Long Island the town next to Valley Stream, where I grew up. We made an immediate connection. She balanced out my ears by placing the new hole on my right ear just below the old one, ( Which was always a little high, to be expected from a bunch of drunken teenagers). Then I bought an earring for Jon who has 2 holes in his ear from long ago, one still open.

Patti’s 13 year old daughter, Jade, had cards for sale. I fell in love with these two. They look like those drawings from the 70’s of “pretty women” but are really photos of glass fairy figurines under a beaded lamp. Patti said Jade was an artist and a writer, that her mother knew it and said it made me smile.

3 thoughts on “Silver Moon Adornments

  1. More Long Islander, you seem to connect with, what’s up with that?
    Seems to be a common theme. 🙂 Such, pretty looking fairy’s, I agree.

  2. Hey Maria, What memories! Teenage years(mostly unhappy), beers(many and too many),piercing, stripping our hair, etc.!
    Little Jade has got it! Beautiful cards. Enjoy! Cindy

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