Cobleskill Library Potholder

When the cats were at the back door this morning, meowing to be fed I knew, it would be a good day. It’s been so cold, they haven’t come out of the barn in weeks. The icicles were dripping and the birds were making so much noise I could almost smell the wet earth under the piles of snow.

When I got into the studio I couldn’t help but do some spring cleaning. I piled some books and art catalogues, that I haven’t looked at in years, into a box. I threw some old papers, photos and drawings in the wood stove and and blessed them as they burned. I emptied 3 boxes of used tea bag tabs into a basket and put them back on the shelf, then took them off the shelf and burned them too. I dusted the shelves and kept only what I would use for the work I’m doing now. I cleared out some old, dusty energy and left space for some new energy.

Then I got to work, finishing up some long promised special orders and started on the Library Potholders. Above is my first one, the Children’s Room from the Community Library in Cobleskill NY.

4 thoughts on “Cobleskill Library Potholder

  1. Hi Maria, This potholder is so pretty. I know it will bring such joy to it’s new owner.
    The warm weather motivated me today too, despite my sadness. The birds were singing,the sun was shining and pieces of snow and ice were thankfully falling off the roof. I washed some of Maverick’s linens out of his two crates, some of his stuffed toys too. I organized his accesories and food all to give to his Animal Hospital who has treated and boarded him for yrs. He had a favorite blue octopus which will stay. It’s on the back of the couch where he loved to lay and watch out the window for Ron to come home.
    This is my story. Tomorrow I will walk.
    Hope your Gallery 99 was fruitful for you.
    Let’s think Spring.(Ron’s already talking about Morning Glorys and Sunflowers!) Cindy

  2. I want it! I’m purchasing it! This is absolutely over-the-top, Maria! This room is quite historic, was at one time the Principal’s of what was called the Union St. School in Cobleskill before the Library purchased it, sections at various times,- from 1937 until recently, it served as a meeting room, children’s story hour room, the storage place for local history, biographies and the “end” of the Dewey 900’s. Thanks to a marvelous restoration/renovation of the Library three years ago, we were able to turn the entire room over to the children, finally giving them an appropriate space of their own! This potholder, in its simplicity, shows the lovely, historic fireplace as well as the elements of serving children technologically in this wild age of ours! It’s beautiful, and has all these marvelous historic elements in its lovely simplicity. Thank you for doing such a grand job! And I assure you, it will be kept away from potroast gravy and spaghetti sauce! WAY too precious! It will be proudly displayed!

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