Visual Poems

I started being interested in video when Jon got me an ipod for xmas and I realized it took photos and video.  We were on our way into NYC when I began experimenting.   I’ve never been interested in photography or video (except for going to the movies).  But with my first attempt, I was hooked.   I felt like a cavewoman with a piece of charcoal and a cave wall.  I’m sure my first considered video of the Carousel in Central Park was similar to the first moving picture ever filmed. (I’ll have to google that)

I saw my videos as having 3 important elements: sound, movement, and being short.  But I temporarily quit on the videos when I found it difficult to post them on my blog.  But 2 weeks ago we hired Sara Friedman from Social Momentum to help us improve our Social Media and the first thing she showed us how to do was post a video.

Since then I’ve created 4 0r 5 “Visual Poems”.  Sticking to my 3 elements I’m figuring out how to tell a  story, evoke a feeling or convey an idea.

Once again I’m beginning to see things differently.  I don’t know where I’m going or where it will take me, but it has me in it’s clutches.

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  1. Don’t worry about negative comments Maria, you know who you are and I think your work/blog is just great, I enjoy reading your comments so much. Tink from Oz

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