Collaboration Quilt in motion

That’s the Indigo Girls  singing “Second Time Around” in the background.

Detail of the Collaboration Quilt..

12 thoughts on “Collaboration Quilt in motion

  1. Fiiinnnalllyyy!!! A wonderful quilt, I didn’t realize the “I love you” fabric was a part of it, (how can you get better than that). I love your choices in fabric and color.

  2. Hi Maria, This quilt really is striking. The video with the Indigo Girls in the background conveys a happy,casual and uncomplicated feel.This could have been a moment in The Pig Barn Gallery. (especially with Izzy strolling through).
    My bulbs are coming up between the snow! Spring is coming!

  3. Hi Maria,
    Oops, I accidentally deleted your e-mail! The check is in the snail mail!
    Thank you so much, Maria. Luanne :))

    1. I just said that I’d mail the quilt on Monday. Think there was also some horse/donkey comments, but I’m sure there will be more of those. Thanks Luanne

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