A Moon in Your Future

Making this one made me pretty nervous.  Not the drawings, they come naturally, but what to do with it next.  It’s different from my other work because it’s spontaneous but also because it’s not functional.  I thought of place mats or using  it in a quilt, ( it’s about 22″x25″)   but it didn’t seem right.  This one just wanted way to hang on the wall and be what it is.

I didn’t intend to put the “crow foot woman with the future coming out of her head” in the center, but there she is.  I get the feeling we’ll be seeing her or her sister again.

I’ll be showing this at the Orange Cat Cafe in Glens Falls NY for the month of May (see my events page for more info) and if it doesn’t sell, I may put it in “From the Everyday to Art” in the Pig Barn in June.

14 thoughts on “A Moon in Your Future

  1. I Love this streaming. What would you call it? It is so cool. Is everything connected? I think a wall handing is the way to go. They are awesome. I can’t wait to see them in person. I’m love, love, loving it! .

  2. Hey, Maria!! Wow, wings and ladders!! It’s my style, wonderful colors! Please let me know if it is still available for purchase. Rejoice! Spring is here!
    Enjoy your week, Luanne

  3. hello maria,
    this could be titled “in time all things come”—the first message i received from this piece. it will be a fantastic wall hanging. i see new images to ponder everytime i study it. these must be a new series.

  4. Just stunning, Maria. I keep standing and turning my laptop to follow the continuum.Labyrinth of the mind chatter made manifest…
    Once again, you’re on to something wonderful.

  5. as always, i stand back and try to figure out just how you do it! when your lines end, do you pull the tread to the back side to tie it off? you don’t back stitch, do you?
    I’d love to see this in action! Would you video it to show that?

  6. You know how you were fascinated with my collages? Well, I’m fascinated with this “streaming” design. Amazing. I’ve been sharing it with everyone as well as your post the other day regarding these.

    1. Hey Kim, I got the print you sent me and I love it thanks so much! Yes, I think there is a similarity in what we are doing. Would love to know more about your process.

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