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1980's wedding dress at Finders Keepers

Diane and I got together this morning in a small coffee shop in Glens Falls to talk about the online gallery.  It must be the right decision because we both came easily to the same place.

Diane and I work so well together it seems natural that we would try to do something together.  But when we thought about what we would have to do to have an online gallery we both felt it would take away from our own work in both time and creative energy.  We thought it would be fun and  we could do it successfully but  then we questioned if it was what we wanted to do.  We both decided  that what we really wanted to do, was to focus on our own work.

So instead of having an on going online gallery we’ll have an online Pig Barn Gallery Exhibit.  We haven’t figured out all the details yet, but we’re thinking of two online shows  and two actual shows in the Pig Barn Gallery each year.  Our first online show will be in February or March 2012.  I have a show in the Pig Barn (details to come) planned for the beginning of June.  We’ll do another show next Columbus Day weekend at the Pig Barn Gallery along with an online show using some of the  same artists for people who can’t travel to the Gallery.

We were both excited leaving the coffee shop, looking forward to working on the first online Pig Barn Gallery Exhibit and getting back to the studio.    Before going home I stopped in Finders Keepers, a local Consignment Shop, and got this great pink shirt with shoes on it… might make some great potholders.  


12 thoughts on “The Pig Barn Gallery…..Online

  1. Hi Maria, This decision seems more tailor made to your happiness.(Remember when you were pumping out orders for bags,eyeglass cases,etc. and you said you felt like a seamstress instead of an artist?)
    How lucky you are to have found a friend such as Diane.
    Oh and I LOVE the pink shoe shirt.I’d like to purchase your first pink shoe potholder.
    Woodstove going like crazy! I imagine,you too. It’s such a cozy time to be with the one you love. 🙂

    1. Yes, Cindy I do remember. And I’ll put aside a potholder for you, plan on making them when I get back next week. On the booktour again but in a cozy inn with a gas fireplace. Enjoy the warmth

  2. Maria, I think your and Diane’s decision is perfect! My once-husband and I opened an actual art gallery back in the 70’s and the time and effort it took literally left us no time for a normal life. Although I was excited that we all might have access to your various artists, that’s all I could think about when you first mentioned opening an online gallery…….when will she have time to do her own work?

    What a perfect solution. Godspeed….

  3. also, regarding the streaming pillows, maybe an inset picture of the beautiful fabric you use on the back of the pillows – I love mine!!

  4. Thanks Maria for the potholder promise! Your Inn’s gas fireplace is beautiful. I hope it’s in your room.
    It’s snowing right now!(7:30 pm on Thur.)And many of my flowers were still in beautiful bloom. 🙁
    Safe and fun travels, Cindy

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