New Year, New Bedlam Farm, New Studio


My beloved Studio Barn ready to bless the next artist

The last time Jon and I decided to sell the farm, I said that I’d rather burn my studio down than let someone else have it.  Well, that seems like a lifetime ago and now that we’ve decided to move for real, I’m ready to hand my studio over to another lucky artist.

We put the farm on the market a couple of weeks ago and started looking for the next Bedlam Farm.  A few days later our friend Mary Muncil  (the minister who married us, is that a good sign or what?)  told us about a farm for sale that  she thought we would like.   We looked at it and fell in love.

The house is just the right size for 2 people and 3 dogs.  There’s a beautiful barn for the donkeys, cats and chickens, and plenty of outbuildings for Jon and me to work in.

Although we won’t have the new Bedlam Farm until we sell the old one, I’ve already picked out my studio.  Right now it’s a workshop that smells of motor oil, but it’s big and there’s a picture window overlooking a stream and a wood stove in the corner where I can imagine Freida sleeping while I work.

There’s another barn near the pasture where Jon could have his office.  Like Mr. Ed, the donkeys would visit him while he worked.  This is something Jon has dreamed of since I’ve known him.

A few days after putting the farm on the market I had a dream.  There were two strangers standing in our living room.    White light emanated from Jon’s office flooding the space where one of the women stood.  She said “This is a sacred creative space.”  When I woke up I felt that what the woman said was true.  But it wasn’t just Jon’s office she was talking about.  It was all of Bedlam Farm,  starting with Jon writing in that tiny room off the living room and spreading out to the barns and pastures and finally to my studio barn.

New Years is about  letting go of the past and moving through the open gate before us.  When it’s the right time to leave a place there’s always someone waiting to move into it.  This is not just a wonderful opportunity for Jon and me, but also for the people who will make our old home their new home.

12 thoughts on “New Year, New Bedlam Farm, New Studio

  1. Maria: I like your attitude toward moving. I moved 23 times with my hubby and might move a time or two more – who knows!
    I hope you and Jon will sell quickly and settle into your new home, studio, barns and office, and, of course, the house.
    It is hard to not start the separation process, once you have decided on a new spot. Peg

  2. Maria,
    Hope you & Jon get your new farm. It sounds wonderful! Visited Bedlam Farm last Oct. when you had your art show. You both need a new place to start fresh as newly weds. From reading Jon’s books, there seems to be too much emotional baggage on that farm for him to have any peace and to maintain a place that size seems expensive & time consuming.

  3. Happy for you both. I’m a firm believer in things happening for a reason. It always amazes me when a good thing happens and I trace that path back that brought me there. Some of the (what I thought at the time) bad things that happened had to come to pass in order to bring me to the good.


  4. Hi Maria,
    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read Jon’s post yesterday evening that Bedlam Farm was for sale. If only I had the money, I would move my family over there in a heartbeat. I could always feel the positive energy of the farm through Jon’s books, then his blog and now through your blog also. It really is a creative haven.
    I know this will work out for you and I’m sure Bedlam will sell quickly. Who in their right mind would not want it?
    New Bedlam sounds like another little slice of heaven and I hope the sale and purchase go through as quickly as possible. I look forward to reading about your and Jon’s adventures with the moving process.
    For now, love to all at Bedlam

  5. What a wonderful inheritance the new people at the old Bedlam Farm will be acquiring. Going forward, they will use that as their foundation to create their own magic within that space.

    I am just so happy, Maria, that you and Jon will be taking us all with you. You are truly like family to us, your readers. Many blessings in your new venture!

  6. Wow, what a powerful dream – and the beginning of a new chapter! I would love to create in your studio! You’re right, the whole farm has such wonderful, sacred energy, thanks to the energy both you and Jon brought to it!

    I wish you joy on your new journey!


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