Goddess of Perimenopause


Goddess of Perimenopause say Do It Yourself

I finished a new Goddess Potholder before my sewing machine jammed.   This hasn’t happened in a long time, I’ve been very diligent about cleaning it weekly ( I didn’t want to get yelled at again, by the woman at the sewing machine shop)   Apparently once a week isn’t enough.  When I cleaned out the bobbin case and it still didn’t work I got my screwdriver and started taking the machine apart one piece at a time.  There were clumps of  dust in parts of it I had never seen before.  I cleaned it for about an hour scraping the dust from the tiny plastic gears and then when I pressed on the foot pedal it worked!

I started another Goddess Potholder  but the machine jammed before I got to finish it.  I took it apart again, this time focusing on the threads caught in the gears with globs of dust and grease.    I would pull out a thread with my needle nose plyer and think “Ah now I’ve got it”  the machine would hum, the needle moving up and down for a few seconds, then stop.  This happened again and again, reinforcing my obsessive tendencies.  Each time I thought “This is the tread!”  Each time there was another.  I finally gave up  when I couldn’t see any more dust or thread.

I got out my 25 year old Singer Sewing machine. If I couldn’t stream, I could still sew the potholders together.  Oh, how using my old machine makes me appreciate my new one even more.

So now Jon and I are off to the Heirloom Sewing Shop to drop off my machine then to Joanne Fabric for some thread and  batting, and since were in town dinner at the Bistro.  A nice way to end the day.

15 thoughts on “Goddess of Perimenopause

  1. Maria; – I love her – she has that “Don’t mess with me” attitude and the boots are priceless. I wish you luck with the sewing machine! Isn’t it something that even when we are grown ups there are people who make us feel like we are on the mat in the principal’s office and must be about 10 years old!!
    Hope you and Jon enjoyed a meal out!

  2. OMG Maria,This piece is tooooo funny! I love it! I’ve totally been there. LOL! LOL!
    This post shows me once again your patience. I aspire to that. You said before that your art has taught you this patience.
    Hope your machine is back in a jif, Cindy

  3. Madame Universe decided you needed a dinner night out!! Giving in is sometimes the best option.
    Nailed the hormonal look right on the head with Ms. Peri! :-}

  4. From your description, it sounds like a thread tension issue. I hope the solution is a simple one. It’s very frustrating when your tools aren’t working, but your right brain isn’t ready to take a break.

  5. Sometimes you just have to give it over to those who can fix it and go have a nice meal. That can clear up a lot of ‘stuff.’

  6. Love this potholder! I’m in perimenopause as well, and also reading the Christiane Northrup book. Thinking about my hormones…

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