Everyday Zombie

This is obviously one of the potholders that didn’t work out.  When it happens,  I either realize it right away or  get the whole thing done before I know it just doesn’t work.  Sometimes I know it won’t work but I just keep at it hoping I’ll feel differently about it when I get done.  Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.

This Everyday Goddess’s eyes were wrong from the beginning.  Then when I tried to fix them I turned her into the walking (or dancing) dead.  It’s actually very telling how important the eyes are.  The thing is, I was having so much fun making her.  Her hair looked great, and her shoes… they were the first ones  I made with laces.  But as much as I liked them (I’ve found that I like doing their hair and shoes most of all, I’m beginning to become the stereotype of a girl, something I never saw myself as) those Zombie eyes just turned  it all bad.  She looks crazed instead of dancing for joy.

But I’m not ready to trash her yet, I’m not sure why, it may be her enthusiasm.  She does have personality, even it it is creepy.


25 thoughts on “Everyday Zombie

  1. I can see why you didn’t give up on her yet.
    Maybe eyes turned into Rayban sunglasses, with a hip-hop dance beanie?? You’ll find her essence; you always do!!

  2. Maria…Love your Goddesses! Ok, so this one is a bit unusual. How about turning those eyes into sunglasses & have a few rays of yellow sunshine. Or, leave her the way she is & just add “and take your meds”.
    Carol O’M.

  3. For whatever reason, she doesn’t look crazy to me–she only
    looks like she is having the time of her life and she doesn’t care
    what she looks like—–she is happy

  4. I don’t know Maria, I kinda like her. And, I like the idea of the Dancing Zombie, it’s sort of the starting point for letting that inner goddess out. Somedays I don’t feel like a goddess, I feel like a zombie, but maybe you get up and dance anyway. Maybe she is morphing into that goddess…I’d like to see what you end up doing with her, but don’t forsake her, I want her. Maybe she is the kind of goddess I am — a work in progress!

  5. lol!! I bet if you put it out there for sale someone will buy it. There are those twisted souls out there who like zombies. :>) I am not one of them – they scare the bejeepers out of me!

  6. Good morning, Maria
    I have been a follower of your blog for more than a year, watching the changes in your art. I love your goddess phrases. I love the joy that comes through this recent girl-goddess form. And I wonder if there is a disconnect between the joyful exuberance of a girl and the deep wisdom of a woman who has purchased her joy at great price? Perhaps you are both. Perhaps this is a time of break through to more, deeper and better? Holding the best of everything for you…

  7. Good morning Maria!
    Here’s a thought or idea for The Everyday Goddess how about glasses? Could be an easy fix? Just a thought…I do like her.


  8. Not creepy at all – funky, in fact! Why not have her wear sunglasses, which is what I thought I was seeing on first glance? great colors, too!

  9. Send those Zombie eyes my way – unless she is already spoken for – I love the msg, and the pink and I have two boys that will Oh so agree that she is perfect for our house!

  10. maybe turn her eyes into sundglasses? (i don’t think she’s bad in the first place — and she does have a happy, friendly personality!)

  11. Do you think if you made it look like she was wearing glasses it would help? It almost looks like that now but needs the nose piece in the middle to finish it off. There are a lot of people out there wearing glasses now-a-days, you know!!!

  12. Hi Maria! The book about the doll and the bear was called “The Lonely Doll”. The story and photos were by Dare Wright. She not only did these children books but was also an artist and model and led an interesting life. That was one of my favorite books when I was a little girl. I also want to let you know that I love all of your work and it has been wonderful for you to share it and your artistic journey with us. Thank you!

  13. Maria, I would have bought her, too! There are days when we can all relate… you can start a sub-industry, marketing to mothers (or teachers) of teenagers! 🙂

  14. As a serious hobby photographer I have learned that there is always SOMEONE who will love something you are less than thrilled with. I battle with myself in keeping something not up to my personal standards, but then again — if a piece really speaks to someone, then they should have it!

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